Fairness, etc

“Republicans say they’ll get you as far as your employer’s door, while Democrats want to walk inside with you” is the fairest thing any liberal’s written about a Republican since Eisenhower died, and Paul Waldman‘s dissection of the details in the president’s executive decision to raise the income necessary to quality for overtime hours is… More Fairness, etc

‘Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her’

An avid reader of a coffee table children’s Bible my grandmother had bought me in third grade, I was aware of Solomon’s seven hundred wives, Lot’s daughters drunken date rape of their father, the priests of Baal’s throats getting sliced by the river for worshiping this graven image, and, most cruelly, Yahweh prohibiting beloved Moses… More ‘Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her’

State of affairs

“Voters now espouse liberal views on most big issues: climate change; income inequality; immigration; same sex marriage; gun control; prison reform; foreign interventions,” writes Bill Curry. “Yet Republicans run Congress and the 2016 race is a dead heat.” Why? The GOP and Democrats believe in the same way of dodging federal campaign finance restrictions and… More State of affairs

The price for rejecting partial victories

At the airport in April I read fifteen pages of Frank, the memoir by the acerbic congressman of Massachusetts Fourth District who declined to run for another term. Reading it, I’m struck by how well he writes: few instances of jargon, sentence after sentence of clear forceful prose. I’ll probably review it. In his review-essay,… More The price for rejecting partial victories

Spirals of silence

Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson have written an invaluable article for The American Propect explaining how the GOP gets rewarded for appalling behavior despite shutdowns, a deviance between its social positions and the voting public’s, odious rhetoric, and bullying: In a parliamentary system, legislative majorities govern, and those majorities are accountable for the results. Voters… More Spirals of silence

Reclaiming the left

The political terrain since Teflon Ron and heir Bill Clinton has shifted rightwards so gradually that what once seemed bedrock Democratic philosophy looks like lunacy through the Coke bottle lens of the Beltway commentariat. Actually, I’ve heard little chatter about Bernie Sanders outside liberal blogs. This must mean the chattering class has decided he hasn’t… More Reclaiming the left