Norma Tanega and Bonnie Raitt

I note these published reviews for the sake of readers who don’t follow me on social media. Norma Tanega – I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964-1971 Before I reviewed a Dusty Springfield comp in February 2021, I hadn’t heard the name “Norma Tanega.” Before last September I hadn’t heard “Walkin’ My Cat NamedContinue reading “Norma Tanega and Bonnie Raitt”

Louder than balms: Harry Styles

Crucial to understanding the Harry Styles cult is the extent to which his shows of curiosity and its desirable byproduct empathy commingle with his horndog affectations. I use “shows” and “affectations” advisedly: to be a pop star requires, in part, what used to be called in politics “expanding your base” before 2016 changed oh soContinue reading “Louder than balms: Harry Styles”

The antecedents (and portents) of the Buffalo shooting

A month before we remember the sixth anniversary of the Pulse shooting, I watched coverage of the massacre in Buffalo and knew that sometime this year a lone gunman will step into a gay club and shoot revelers. Again. There would be no national mourning. The media will dissect the significance of a “manifesto,” asContinue reading “The antecedents (and portents) of the Buffalo shooting”

Why the attacks on Disney matter

To defend a corporation expert at placing cute mouse ears on nefarious practices like Disney does puts me in a grotesque position, especially since Disney has bought the Florida legislature on both sides for five decades, which means for a while it endorsed the Don’t Say Gay Bill until its immaculately groomed public image tookContinue reading “Why the attacks on Disney matter”

Gays in Kentucky high schools: ‘It’s like they’re being shadow-banned’

Until Ron DeSantis’ election, I thought respect for Miami-Dade and Broward’s tourist-generating income — hell, let me include Orange, Pinellas, and Hillsborough counties too — would keep Florida fascist legislators from yielding to their basest impulses.

The duplicity of Disney

During the harrowing ’90s when Americans not queer weren’t dying of AIDS and experienced no frisson of rage over the betrayal of the president who had promised them gay marriage, liberals in boardrooms though Disney one of the good guys. The company courted openly gay employees (called “cast members”), offered them generous for the timeContinue reading “The duplicity of Disney”