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Gorgeous bodies, clever self-consciousness give a lift to ‘Summer of ’85’

Figuring out which eighties pop star Benjamin Voisin reminded me of kept me distracted when Summer of ’85 got lumpy. Roland Orzabal? Charlie Sexton? Andrew Ridgeley? With his swollen insolent mouth, porcelain cheekbones, and ridiculous hair, Voisin incarnates an era of fashion that threatens to slink into obsolescence but never does. François Ozon’s latest film stars Félix Lefebvre as Alexis, a sixteen-year-old boasting his own fabulous blond locks who spends a heady few weeks as the object of desire, employee, and lover of Voison’s David. Continue reading

June reading

Graham Greene never loitered, intentionally or otherwise. The writer who emerges from Richard Greene’s (no relation) new biography let wanderlust transform him into a polymath, comfortable with writing screenplays and film reviews, amiably distant from his children while committed to a Catholicism he on occasion interrogated. Crisply written if often miserly about analysis, The Unquiet Englishman works best as a travelogue: other cultures interested Greene, and the interactions didn’t result in slobbering encomia to empire.

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Inept ‘Matthias & Maxime’ is the dreariest of gay melodramas

Two longtime chums, losing a drunken dare at a party, agree to kiss for the sake of a scene in a film directed by a mutual friend. The problem is, they’ve locked lips before as teenagers, kicking off a series of increasingly tense post-mortems until the happily-ever-after moment. Many no-name gay films available for streaming on Netflix share the world-historic banality of this premise, but Xavier Dolan I Killed My Mother (2009), Heartaches (2010) ,and Mommy (2015) appears on the credits of Matthias & Maxime, the worst film he as written and directed to date, insulting in its commitment to averageness and disinterest in basic coherence. Continue reading

‘Republican House members do not care about trans kids’

They are ghouls:

The Republican majority in the Florida Legislature on Wednesday unexpectedly rammed a ban on transgender athletes in women’s and girls’ sports through the legislative process amid an outcry from Democrats who called foul on the last-minute procedural moves used to get the issue passed in the final days of session.

House and Senate Republicans resuscitated the issue by attaching the transgender ban to a wide-ranging charter schools bill that was originally designed to create more avenues for charters to operate in the state.

To follow conservatives’ diseased thinking, popular culture and the tyranny of Big Business have conspired to thwart how men and women once related to each other; they can’t change minds on gay marriage anymore but they can metamorphose trans youth into cheaters in sports and bathroom rapists.