The horror of the North Carolina experiment

Please understand: the North Carolina General Assembly went into special session to fight the evil of transgender citizens using bathrooms which don’t correspond to their birth gender. But the passed bill is worse: On Wednesday, members who could make it in time traipsed back to Raleigh to overturn the Charlotte rule. (Some missed the session,… More The horror of the North Carolina experiment

RuPaul on the young: ‘They’ll figure it out’

For all the talk about “community” gay men and women have to construct their identities on their own from the flotsam and jetsam of pop culture, folklore, upbringing, art, whatever works; in this life, as a pansexual imp named Prince Rogers Nelson once sang, things are much harder than the after world. Although I’ve never… More RuPaul on the young: ‘They’ll figure it out’

Profiles in discourage

Members solicit signatures on campus once a week. “Do you have a minute for gay rights?” they ask. In 2006 they had trouble stopping students. Now they draw a crowd. In a couple of conversations I’ve learned they’ve even refined their message: now the transgender population is among the segment for whom Human Rights Campaign… More Profiles in discourage

Homosexuality in the Reagan administration

The Reagan White House, reports Steve Weisman as quoted by Charles Keiser, “was definitely a place where you would hear one staff member call another staff member ‘a fag’ behind his back.” he Reagans came from a Hollywood milieu that had always embraced discreet homosexuals; that was probably the reason for their occasional displays of… More Homosexuality in the Reagan administration

‘I think you should have the law changed by the legislature’

Forty-eight hours after a debate performance that forced Beltway hacks to consider whether his handlers had inserted the correct 5 1/4 floppy disk into the Rubiotron 4000, this advanced cybernetic system registered another leaden moment in New Hampshire: Man: “I’m a gay man, already married. I’m already married, have been for a long time. And… More ‘I think you should have the law changed by the legislature’