Hear it when you listen: the best of Duran Duran

First off, Interpol weren’t fun. Even in 1981 Simon Le Bon sounded like he used a roll of pound notes as tobacco paper; the extravagant bass lines were the giveaway. In and out of fashion because they’re absurd, Duran Duran was a boy band with a solid record collection and an interest in contemporary chic:Continue reading “Hear it when you listen: the best of Duran Duran”

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to retire in 2018

Well. The Democrats have an easy pickup now: U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the dean of the Florida legislative delegation and the first Cuban American elected to Congress, is retiring at the end of her term next year, saying it’s time to move on after 38 years in elected office. “It’s been such a delight andContinue reading “Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to retire in 2018”

I kiss and tell all my fears: the best of INXS

A lizard prince bitchin’ in long hair and leather, confident in the Giants Stadium scale adoration of black boys and white girls, white boys and black girls (especially in South America, where teens adored him), Michael Hutchence died before he turned into Roger Daltrey. He was Bono as a libertine, and to my ears INXS’sContinue reading “I kiss and tell all my fears: the best of INXS”

Jonathan Demme: ‘inventiveness and visual intelligence’ to concert films

Slate’s Sam Adams uses a just released Justin Timberlake concert picture to adduce Jonathan Demme’s genius for shooting concert performances: But despite the victory-lap setup, Demme frames the concert as just another day on the job, especially for musicians and dancers in Timberlake’s expansive retinue. Timberlake is the movie’s center, but it often seems moreContinue reading “Jonathan Demme: ‘inventiveness and visual intelligence’ to concert films”

Best singles of 2017 – First Quarter

I counted about fifty singles I could’ve included in what looks like a banner year for Asian pop rankings on my lists. NOTE: These are unranked. 1. Migos – T-Shirt 2. BGA – Who’s It Gonna Be 3. Prince Royce & Shakira – Deja Vu 4. Paramore – Hard Times 5. The Weeknd ft. DaftContinue reading “Best singles of 2017 – First Quarter”

Jean-Pierre Léaud dies exquisitely in ‘The Death of Louis XIV’

At fourteen, Jean-Pierre Léaud let his face be ravished in the most haunting last shot in cinema history. In François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows, the mischievous Antoine Doinel, played by Léaud, runs and runs from his parents and adolescent bullshit. Stopping at a beach to catch his breath, he turns to the camera, a freezeContinue reading “Jean-Pierre Léaud dies exquisitely in ‘The Death of Louis XIV’”

Obamacare’s strange new afterbirth

Sixty-one percent of Americans favor keeping and improving the Affordable Care Act, while only thirty-seven percent favor repealing and replacing it, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll: While Trump voters do overwhelmingly favor repeal-and-replace in the abstract, there is not much support among them for the ideas at the core of the concreteContinue reading “Obamacare’s strange new afterbirth”

Hard as hell: the best of Rick Rubin

Present at the creation, Rick Rubin oversaw so many seminal hip hop records that he earned the right to grow his hair as fugly as he wanted. How Slayer, the Chili Peppers, and, uh, Mick Jagger assumed he’d bring anything other than cachet is a story I’d love to hear ’round the bar in heaven.Continue reading “Hard as hell: the best of Rick Rubin”

Thinkin’ things through: Angaleena Presley and Kendrick Lamar

Angaleena Presley – Wrangled To denounce the state of country music, Nashville rapper Yelawolf rasps, “Just a crazy load of these country posers/I supposed a couple are real, but they’ll never make it/So Thank God for Sturgill Simpson/cuz Music Row can fuckin’ save it” in cadences familiar to fans of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”Continue reading “Thinkin’ things through: Angaleena Presley and Kendrick Lamar”

‘He kind of asks for it’

Demonstrating how he has adapted to the times, Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming shares his views on queer rights with high schoolers: For the last question from students, sophomore Bailee Foster asked Sen. Enzi about the LGBTQ community — specifically what he was doing to help Wyoming live up to its nickname as The EqualityContinue reading “‘He kind of asks for it’”

The god’s truth

Unless Congress paid for a border wall, the president warned a few days ago, he’d shut down the government and refuse to pay states the federal subsidies required to keep the Affordable Care Act going. Then he changed his mind. Those who study the hieroglyphics on “Morning Joe” wondered if Trump was bringing The ArtContinue reading “The god’s truth”