Natalie Cole — RIP

As boomers aged, their interest in chart pop receded. After a long period during which their tastes and MTV-addicted youth colluded to turn Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins into ubiquitous radio presences, their taste shifted backwards. Natalie Cole was the right age when she recorded Unforgettable…With Love in 1991. Like her audience, sops… More Natalie Cole — RIP

Scott Weiland – RIP

When I heard Stone Temple Pilots at the above event, I thought, Great – we need more stentorian grunge wannabes. Subsequent singles were tougher and trickier, though, and as they became the biggest grunge crossover into AOR they were inescapable. They recorded Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican in 1996, to my ears their most interesting album.… More Scott Weiland – RIP

Lost in the darkness of my love: Tunnel of Love

Remembering a time when Springsteen wasn’t hip is like imagining a time when it was illegal to serve alcohol. The period from 1992 to the release of the ’95 greatest hits compilation found The Boss experimenting with The Earring, The Goatee, and The Flowered Shirts and, depressingly, The Untucked Dress Shirt. To buy Tunnel of… More Lost in the darkness of my love: Tunnel of Love

‘The language of love slips from my lover’s tongue’ — Eurythmics

Not much chatter about Eurythmics these days — a pity, for at their prime they were among the more consistent singles artists of their decade. Annie Lennox’s infatuation with her vocal prowess and David Stewart’s guitar noodling and light bag of psychedelic tricks made them insufferable, I’ll admit; for a while he was the aging… More ‘The language of love slips from my lover’s tongue’ — Eurythmics

Obsessions into careers — Elvis Costello

Carl Wilson reviewing Elvis Costello’s memoir: While it’s true the “angry” Costello was a caricature, it was one in which he was complicit. (Showbiz, again.) More so, many of his songs are argumentative, which is one of their virtues—unlike a lot of more impressionistic musicians, he has a restless and tenacious mind that likes to… More Obsessions into careers — Elvis Costello