Phife Dawg – RIP

The joker and the horndog, the prankster and spankster, Malik Taylor vulgarized A Tribe Called Quest’s best material. From the “I like em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian” bit in their best slow jam “Electric Relaxation” to the discovery in “Butter” that women are more complex than his attitudes were willing to admit, this… More Phife Dawg – RIP

‘This red becomes you’

In 1991 Throwing Muses released The Real Ramona, their shiniest album. Strange things look stranger in the light. The brawny rocker “Red Shoes” never explains what’s got it so upset but with Tanya Donnelly and Kirstin Hersh exchanging riffs and vocals it doesn’t matter. Happy Sunday.

58th Grammy Awards: loud ‘n’ proud

11:01. Performing “Ace of Spades” with Duff McKagan and Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp reprises the guitar stylings he brought to Oasis’ immortal “Fade In-Out.” 10:55. When Iggy dies Dave Grohl will shimmy shirtless in leather pants in a Grammy performance of “Loose.” 10:50. Although I haven’t given Alabama Shakes the attention they deserve, Brittany Howard… More 58th Grammy Awards: loud ‘n’ proud

Natalie Cole — RIP

As boomers aged, their interest in chart pop receded. After a long period during which their tastes and MTV-addicted youth colluded to turn Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins into ubiquitous radio presences, their taste shifted backwards. Natalie Cole was the right age when she recorded Unforgettable…With Love in 1991. Like her audience, sops… More Natalie Cole — RIP