The GOP: an engine harnessing ‘white resentment on behalf of higher incomes for donors’

Solid on economic policy but hobbled by a less than felicitous prose style, Paul Krugman nevertheless comes up with as succinct a definition of Republicanism as a columnist can write: After all, what is the modern GOP? A simple model that accounts for just about everything you see is that it’s an engine designed toContinue reading “The GOP: an engine harnessing ‘white resentment on behalf of higher incomes for donors’”

How Donald Trump is right

The presumptive Republican nominee for president opened his mouth in front of Chris Matthews (not himself known for discretion) and sounds emerged that assembled into words and possibly sentences about punishing women who get abortions. For the first time in his nearly yearlong Dada exercise in running for leadership of the GOP, he did whatContinue reading “How Donald Trump is right”

Lovers love loving: K Michelle and Zayn

K Michelle – More Issues Than Vogue She missed an opportunity for a killer title track, that’s for sure. On her third album, the R&B singer and TV star settles for at best sturdy songwriting, some of which she contributes herself. She sacrifices the weirdness of sprawl for a tighter piece of work. No performancesContinue reading “Lovers love loving: K Michelle and Zayn”

Love on the rocks: Brokeback Mountain

Many budding gay men learned about the power of spit lube from Brokeback Mountain, for which we should be grateful to Annie Proulx and director Ang Lee. In 2016 it’s hard to believe this Hollywood weeper started such chatter in early 2006: talk show appearances in which an uncomfortable Jake Gyllenhaal and less uncomfortable HeathContinue reading “Love on the rocks: Brokeback Mountain”

Torture comes and torture goes

When the junior senator from Florida ran for president, I made sure to note the number of times this lazy-eyed schemer repudiated modernity. Of course Ronald Reagan was an idol, for the Reagan whom aides pushed as a symbol was immovable on matters of war and peace until he coaxed Mikhail Gorbachev into reading theContinue reading “Torture comes and torture goes”

Trump and the ‘cloak of American protection’

I can’t imagine the fun David Sanger and Maggie Haberman had writing the lead and supporting paragraphs: Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, said that if elected, he might halt purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies unless they commit ground troops to the fight against the Islamic State or “substantiallyContinue reading “Trump and the ‘cloak of American protection’”

Mustaches and gay panic: The Killers

For a couple years I got more hate mail for this piece than anything I’d written to date. I was happy to be proven right: Brandon Flowers’ queer envy and talents finally meshed on the daft and intermittently powerful The Desired Effect, and he shaved the mustache. ——————– The Killers Sam’s Town 10-02-06 More thanContinue reading “Mustaches and gay panic: The Killers”

Keep your guilt to yourself

That safehouse for received political ideas and lobotomized chess games called Morning Joe gave air time to a column that caused furrows to deepen across the foreheads of many Beltway types. Because he couldn’t blame the GOP primary voters, Nick Kristof trains the dangerous fury of a New York Times op ed piece, scourge ofContinue reading “Keep your guilt to yourself”

Screenings #18

Ravished by Tropical Malady and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, less so by Syndromes and a Century, I may have already conditioned myself to Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s rhythms, for Cemetery of Splendour feels like his most realized film to date and the most moving experience I’ve had with a movie in a coupleContinue reading “Screenings #18”

Singles 3/25

Responsible for recording 2016’s best album to date, the Strother sisters turn to writing and producing for the innocuous Corinne Bailey Rae, and whaddya know: like Juvenile and Mannie Fresh on their number, all she needed was a strong tune. And country singer Clare Dunn wants nothing less than to strip her lover’s tux off,Continue reading “Singles 3/25”