The world is too much with us

Teaching three classes and a slew of writing (the fruits of which I’ll post directly) have kept me from posting this week. As usual there’s too much political chicanery for me to comment on — from the numbing certainty that the Democrats will nominate Hilary Clinton as their candidate for POTUS to the idiocy ofContinue reading “The world is too much with us”

Shorter, vainer, louder, sadder

Like the Mick Jagger of Dirty Work or Richard Nixon on the day of his second inaugural, Kanye West envisions conspiracies between dumb-asses and “the establishment.” Mobilizing resentment against those in power yet, of course, exempting themselves, these are men who had and have nothing to be glum about, yet their success felt compromised byContinue reading “Shorter, vainer, louder, sadder”

Angry and frightened by the Larry Craig nonsense, one of our former student editors came out to the university community – hell, the world – a few days ago. I’m pleased to see that his letter to Andrew Sullivan was published on Sullivan’s site this afternoon. I’m proud of Joel.

"An aged man is but a paltry thing"

Watching Away From Her, the audience isn’t supposed to believe in Julie Christie as actress; writer-director Sarah Polley uses her as iconography, and with those magnificent cheekbones and that wan elusiveness flickering behind her eyes, who could blame her? When I watched the cold drift of Alzheimer’s into her brain mimic the piling of CanadianContinue reading “"An aged man is but a paltry thing"”

"You talk about the people as if you own them"

I don’t dislike Common like so many of my colleagues — his timbre and tone are so persuasive, so there, that I’ve often wondered whether it’s my fault that, aside from his turn on Kanye West’s “Drive Slow,” he doesn’t reward relistening (this is my way of explaining to myself why I haven’t sold myContinue reading “"You talk about the people as if you own them"”