Ranking George Harrison’s Beatles songs

The lad you’ve known all these years! I listed his best solo tunes a few years ago. The Hague Piggies Only a Northern Song Meh You Like Me Too Much For You Blue Blue Jay Way While My Guitar Gently Weeps I Need You Sound, Solid Savoy Truffle Love You To Long Long Long ThinkContinue reading “Ranking George Harrison’s Beatles songs”

I’m paying the price: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 1981 singles

A legit weirdo only possible in an America where the purest products go crazy, Laurie Anderson issued more compelling music after “O Superman” — hell, her debut has “From the Air,” terrifying in its plainspokenness. The rest of this list is terrifying in its ecumenicism; although I prefer “U Can’t Touch This” to “Super Freak,”Continue reading “I’m paying the price: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 1981 singles”

Now I’m filled with so much love: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2008 albums

One of the most no-brainer of my #1s, Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah was a miracle of rhythmic heft, a mincing vocal presence, and lyrics that understood how Pan-Africanism and self-discovery co-exist without lapsing into narcissism. The audible panic in TVotR’s Dear Science came too soon — we’re living “DMZ” now. And “panic” describes my responseContinue reading “Now I’m filled with so much love: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2008 albums”

The collapse of the ‘traditional conventions of mainstream journalism’

The collapse of the American media’s political coverage is yet another phenomenon of the Trump era. Sixteen years after the Iraq War started, seventeen years since reporters parroted Condoleeza Rice’s smoking crater nonsense about WMD, the press is no better at covering people who lie to their faces. Most reporters, I assume, have never interviewedContinue reading “The collapse of the ‘traditional conventions of mainstream journalism’”

I fly like paper: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2007 albums

I expect readers to demand the pillory for my opinion of Person Pitch: a generational divide, no doubt. I still hear formless, harmony-heavy quasi-pop by an act suspicious of rhythm. The rest of my ranking falls into line, including PJ Harvey’s brave but worst album to date and the first of many good to greatContinue reading “I fly like paper: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2007 albums”

Come through the block, in the brand new Benz: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2006 albums

The kids loved TV on the Radio, the olds loved Bobby D. Me, I played the Journey Into Paradise comp all summer and followed it up with Scritti Politti’s White Bread Black Beer. I haven’t moved an inch. But I love Fishscale enough to reaffirm that Ghostface was the 2000s best album artist. And despiteContinue reading “Come through the block, in the brand new Benz: Ranking Pazz & Jop’s 2006 albums”

‘Marriage Story’ understands divorce more than marriage

Husbands and Wives and Blue Valentine. Kramer vs Kramer and Shoot the Moon. Films about divorce have a healthy tradition; it’s as if American directors marry for the sake of making a divorce movie. What sets Marriage Story apart is the punctiliousness with which it depicts how a couple channels its desires into making divorceContinue reading “‘Marriage Story’ understands divorce more than marriage”

Ranking Pazz and Jop albums 2005

In 2005, Kanye West became the statue in the park to which pigeons flocked because it was a good place to land before shitting on him had occurred to them. I already found his music quietly turning attenuated on Late Registration, but the arrangements and ambition remained a solid marriage with cracks about to showContinue reading “Ranking Pazz and Jop albums 2005”

Singles 11/22

Try to dance strenuously to “Narcissus” and your hips might lock. “Theoretical disco” sounds as silly a modifier-noun combination as “delicious mimosa,” but Róisín Murphy’s been using a buffet approach to beats, licks, and rhymes since 2007’s triumphant Overpowered; she wants listeners to meditate as well as move. Click on links for full reviews. RóisínContinue reading “Singles 11/22”