Fairness, etc

“Republicans say they’ll get you as far as your employer’s door, while Democrats want to walk inside with you” is the fairest thing any liberal’s written about a Republican since Eisenhower died, and Paul Waldman‘s dissection of the details in the president’s executive decision to raise the income necessary to quality for overtime hours is… More Fairness, etc

‘The enormous implications’ of the Ryan budget

Those who call themselves independents or non-partisan, motivated by the thrill of feeling courted, should understand that the 2016 presidential election would mean a winner and a loser, which means genuine differences separate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Rubio Cruz. If Democrats want to campaign on shorthand, the “Ryan budget” works. Jonathan Chait, on occasion… More ‘The enormous implications’ of the Ryan budget

Spirals of silence

Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson have written an invaluable article for The American Propect explaining how the GOP gets rewarded for appalling behavior despite shutdowns, a deviance between its social positions and the voting public’s, odious rhetoric, and bullying: In a parliamentary system, legislative majorities govern, and those majorities are accountable for the results. Voters… More Spirals of silence

Too efficient birth control

For the “no shit” file: In 2009, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation donated over $23 million to the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, a five-year experimental program that offered low-income teenage girls and young women in the state long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs)—IUDs or hormonal implants—at no cost. These devices, which require no further action once inserted… More Too efficient birth control

GOP and Iraq: it has ‘pushed the pendulum of blame in Obama’s direction’

And this is the direction towards which the Iraq War questions have inched in recent days: The rapid move to shift responsibility is at the core of the GOP’s plan to define 2016 as a foreign-policy election. Anxious about demographic trends and the leftward drift of the electorate on social issues, many Republicans hope to… More GOP and Iraq: it has ‘pushed the pendulum of blame in Obama’s direction’

Go, Nebraska!

For the “Who Knew?” file, here’s the Nebraska legislature, comprised of an adamantine GOP majority, voting to abolish the death penalty: The vote margin in the unicameral Legislature was more than enough to override a promised veto from Gov. Pete Ricketts, a supporter of capital punishment. Ricketts, a Republican, said the vote represented a “dark… More Go, Nebraska!