Errant nonsense

George Will’s wife is looking for a new he-man employer. This explains a column that contains a higher percentage than usual of his moronic insights: Paris was for all Americans, but especially for Republicans, a summons to seriousness that should have two immediate impacts on the Republican presidential contest. It should awaken the party’s nominating… More Errant nonsense

Hack vs Hack

George Will has been a walking conflict of interest ever since he prepped Ronald Reagan for his debate with Jimmy Carter in 1980, didn’t disclose the info, and on ABC congratulated him on his performance. He lunched often with Nancy Reagan, his columns feasting on the scuttlebutt. Will’s purported Toryism and mastery of polysyllabic words… More Hack vs Hack

Democratic myopia

Charles Pierce: There are a couple of lessons that the Democratic Party can take from yet another ass-kicking, this in a freakish off off-year election. (The results in Virginia, where Democrats hoped to overturn the state senate, were particularly painful, and not much of a testimony to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s influence.) The first one is… More Democratic myopia

Ah, Florida…

Florida reminds its citizens that a majority of its legislature consists of morons who drool into plastic cups but consider themselves godfearing men and women: The bill, filed Wednesday by Florida Rep. Julio Gonzalez (R – Venice) would allow “a health care facility,” “an ambulatory surgery center, “a nursing home,” “an assisted living facility,” ‘a… More Ah, Florida…

‘We are not dealing with normal political opponents’

The Beltway media do themselves proud with Joe Biden stories. “Tragedy,” “Beau,” “grieving process,” and “noble” appear in stories like a gruesome salad on an unchanging lunch menu. As refreshing as it is for seniors to reminisce about Tip ‘n’ Ronnie knocking back Glenlivet after 6 p.m., this approach is dead in 2015. It wasn’t… More ‘We are not dealing with normal political opponents’

Fighting gun culture: don’t yield an inch

Ever since the Plumbers unit, Reagan, and the Gingrich Congress, liberals have quashed the moral clarity of their arguments for the sake of imagined conversations at Thanksgiving with conservative relatives. To avoid upset stomachs, they equivocate. Abortion shouldn’t be legal in all circumstances. Of course Saddam Hussein is a monster. Homosexuality isn’t a choice. Lots… More Fighting gun culture: don’t yield an inch

‘Well, cancer is temporary too, isn’t it’

FOX News has a show called “The Intelligence Report.” To my ears this sounds like a public access show for current and former spooks. Florida congressman Alan Grayson discussed his proposed amendment to keep the government funded during any putative shutdown: Trish Regan: Joining me right now with a plan to stop government shutdowns from… More ‘Well, cancer is temporary too, isn’t it’