The GOP: an engine harnessing ‘white resentment on behalf of higher incomes for donors’

Solid on economic policy but hobbled by a less than felicitous prose style, Paul Krugman nevertheless comes up with as succinct a definition of Republicanism as a columnist can write: After all, what is the modern GOP? A simple model that accounts for just about everything you see is that it’s an engine designed to… More The GOP: an engine harnessing ‘white resentment on behalf of higher incomes for donors’

Easter cheer

“This is the age of entitlement. This is the age of the victim. This is the age of the failing leader, the angry citizen, and the vulgar response,” David French writes, already masturbating over the collapse of Rome. But he’s just getting started: This is the age where virtue is deemed too hard — too… More Easter cheer

Encouraging pragmatism

David Atkins shakes his head over the predicted conservative brouhaha regarding Barack Obama’s remarks in Argentina (i.e. a populace chooses the economic system and system of governance that best serves it): The result of the conservative movement’s failure to acknowledge policy realities can be seen most prominently in Kansas and Louisiana, where the red-state model… More Encouraging pragmatism

The book of David

A week after flinging himself onto Eighth Avenue, David Brooks was caught by pigeons and flown back to his cubicle. An exquisitely prepared plate of crow awaited him. This is a wonderful moment to be a conservative. Have you spoken to Bill Kristol in the last month? He needs a Hallmark card. For decades now… More The book of David

The horror of the North Carolina experiment

Please understand: the North Carolina General Assembly went into special session to fight the evil of transgender citizens using bathrooms which don’t correspond to their birth gender. But the passed bill is worse: On Wednesday, members who could make it in time traipsed back to Raleigh to overturn the Charlotte rule. (Some missed the session,… More The horror of the North Carolina experiment

‘Exposure is not expungement’

Jonathan Chait, not often right, made points this weekend: By making race and nationalism the text rather than the subtext of Republican politics, Trump threatens not only the party’s agenda but the self-conception of its intellectual class. The conservative movement seized control of the Republican Party momentarily in 1964 during Barry Goldwater’s candidacy, and completely… More ‘Exposure is not expungement’