Licky as trips: Galore

Amazing what a comp album can do. Stuck in the mephitic ooze of host album Disintegration, “Fascination Street,” “Pictures of You,” and “Lullaby” barely emit a glow; played end to end on Galore, the greatest hits released by The Cure in 1997, they’re expert histrionic pop, flipsides to the euphoria of “Catch” and “Why Can’tContinue reading “Licky as trips: Galore”

The rage of the luxury yacht crowd

Digby tries to figure out what pisses off corporations so much about Obama: But the fury of the super rich conservatives is a little more baffling. After all, the stock market is doing well. Corporations are making record profits. Income inequality is at record highs, which is great for the luxury yacht crowd. It’s notContinue reading “The rage of the luxury yacht crowd”

Blood makes noise: Coriolanus

Playing Voldemort has done wonders for Ralph Fiennes’ acting. No longer burdened with projecting warmth, for which he has neither talent nor forbearance, he can concentrate on the lethal hatred he can squeeze out of his impenetrable blue eyes. Making his directorial debut in John Logan’s adaptation of Coriolanus, Fiennes emphasizes the lacquered, oblong surfacesContinue reading “Blood makes noise: Coriolanus”

“Who should be the next to die”

Let the games begin: the NYT’s comprehensive account of how Obama decides who dies. Thanks to a “legalistic” mind that can both shade and obscure nuance, Obama’s managed to fulfill a few public pledges while still killing more terrorists, keeping black sites open for rendition, and withholding Miranda rights from suspects for as long asContinue reading ““Who should be the next to die””

Single reviews 5/25

What a concentration of 5’s! The Offspring – Days Go By (6) Alanis Morissette – Guardian (6) Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid (6) Grimes ft. Majical Cloudz – Nightmusic (5) The Gaslight Anthem – 45 (5) Pitbull – Back in Time (5) Girls’ Generation TTS – Twinkle (5) Die Toten Hosen – Tage Wie DiesenContinue reading “Single reviews 5/25”

Female trouble: Pariah

Although like most coming-out movies the imaginative conceptions are hardly compensatory once the autobiographical material is consumed, Pariah is worth watching for the milieu and the wide-awake performance of young Adepero Oduye (the title is its most histrionic element).  A straight A high school senior who dabbles in poetry, Alike (Oduye) has been comfortable withContinue reading “Female trouble: Pariah”

“I think of incarceration as pretty harsh”

I’m with Ta-Nehisi Coates on the sentencing of Dharun Ravi: Jail is pretty awful. A ten year bid would have almost certainly subjected to the constant threat of violence. I can’t really see what good that would do. The criminal justice system can’t really make people “good.” It can’t exact vengeance upon slime-balls. And itContinue reading ““I think of incarceration as pretty harsh””

You better treat her right: Donna Summer in 1983

After her disco career crested, Donna Summer recorded an amalgam of New Wave and Teutonic dance-trance called The Wanderer, on which she sounded confident and in control. It’s not in print, a situation that might change with Summer’s death and the dissemination of Dave Marsh’s ecstatic 1980 Rolling Stone review. 1982’s eponymous album, completed afterContinue reading “You better treat her right: Donna Summer in 1983”

Professional regret

On Dr. Robert L. Spitzer: Dr. Spitzer was then a junior member of on an American Psychiatric Association committee helping to rewrite the field’s diagnostic manual, and he promptly organized a symposium to discuss the place of homosexuality. That kicked off a series of bitter debates, pitting Dr. Spitzer against a pair of influential seniorContinue reading “Professional regret”