Movies of the decade #11-20

11. The Flight of the Red Balloon (2008). This take on one of the most beloved children’s films of the last fifty years has none of said film’s preciousness. In her second great performance of the last two years (see my #2 film), Juliette Binoche generates enough force to make us wonder just who theContinue reading “Movies of the decade #11-20”

Best of the decade.

1. Mulholland Drive (2001). Uneven pacing and incongruous prefatory thirty minutes aside, this is a master’s class in the analysis of performance. Everything about Naomi Watts — from her pink sweater to the sensible shoes her relatives in Canada no doubt thought were the best sort of thing to wear on a long plane rideContinue reading “Best of the decade.”

Unforgiven vs Casablanca

As part of its periodic  “Best Picture from the Outside”  series, the Film Experince crew publishes an extremely thorough, impressive side by side analysis of Casablanca and Unforgiven. I’m taken with the notion that Clint Eastwood is too besotted with the limitations of Classical Filmmaking and the good but explicit script to do anything butContinue reading “Unforgiven vs Casablanca”

2009 – Best singles

My Pazz and Jop ballot: 1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll 2. Natalie Imbruglia – Want 3. Walter Jones – Living Without Your Love 4. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now 5. Pains of  Being Pure at Heart – Higher Than the Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Mix) 6. Taylor Swift –Continue reading “2009 – Best singles”

Tilda Swinton, meet Joan Crawford

In which Tilda Swinton swills several cocktails, bumps and grinds with a coworker at an office party, totters uneasily on stiletto heels, fucks him in the car, is forced to attend an AA meeting, drinks some more, and wakes up next to Saul Rubinek. That’s in the first forty minutes — before an acquaintance talksContinue reading “Tilda Swinton, meet Joan Crawford”

Selling your soul at the Hilton bar

In which George Clooney realizes that being a single man with limitless frequent flier miles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so  after visiting his estranged sisters in Milwaukee he attempts to convince Vera Farmiga to settle down with him, despite having enjoyed a perfectly marvelous relationship in which they get to play CaryContinue reading “Selling your soul at the Hilton bar”