Best of the decade.

1. Mulholland Drive (2001). Uneven pacing and incongruous prefatory thirty minutes aside, this is a master’s class in the analysis of performance. Everything about Naomi Watts — from her pink sweater to the sensible shoes her relatives in Canada no doubt thought were the best sort of thing to wear on a long plane ride… More Best of the decade.

Unforgiven vs Casablanca

As part of its periodic  “Best Picture from the Outside”  series, the Film Experince crew publishes an extremely thorough, impressive side by side analysis of Casablanca and Unforgiven. I’m taken with the notion that Clint Eastwood is too besotted with the limitations of Classical Filmmaking and the good but explicit script to do anything but… More Unforgiven vs Casablanca

Not enough thinking

Since I don’t go to Animal Collective for clarity, let alone cohesion, my instant attraction to “What Would I Want Sky” from the Fall Be Kind EP didn’t surprise me (it narrowly missed my top twenty). The way one of their singers says “glasses clinkin’” makes up for the feeling with which he imbues the… More Not enough thinking


A mad holiday weekend. Besides eating and seeing friends, I’ve been spending time with my new niece, born yesterday at 11:59 am. I’ll return to regular scheduled programming shortly.

Merry Xmas

Has anyone remarked on the similarity between this and Jackson Browne’s “Somebody’s Baby”? Same sentiment too…

Gimme half a chance

The mystery of film: how is she so empty an actress yet so alive in clips like this? The sequence between 0:48 and 0:51, and, near the end, the smile on her face when the boy realizes he’s kissed Madonna, encapsulate what I loved about Madonna then: so hungry, so alive, up for anything, and… More Gimme half a chance