‘Conservatives had better be ready for it’

Endorsing Charlie Crist with more esprit than expected, The Miami Herald’s editorial describes Governor Ron DeSantis’ threat to any Floridian who didn’t vote for him. There’s DeSantis’ crusade to protect white Floridians from alleged reverse racism at the hands of so-called “woke” teachers and workplace diversity trainers. His targeting of drag queens and a MiamiContinue reading “‘Conservatives had better be ready for it’”

Watch out, Harriet Tubman and Colin Powell

Behold the headwinds Florida teachers face in a state (with the prettiest name!) where the governor and legislature has made education illegal: An Escambia County public school teacher resigned this week over what he characterized as racist behavior by a school district employee. The teacher, Michael James, emailed a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis andContinue reading “Watch out, Harriet Tubman and Colin Powell”

What a drag to live in Florida

A cafe with a decent patio in the middle of bustling Wynwood, R House has boomed the last several years thanks to a weekend drag bunch. Fans of The Birdcage will recognize the tenor and tone of the performances: queens work it while sharing PG-rated puns. Straight people care more about drag than queers theseContinue reading “What a drag to live in Florida”

It’s a brand new era!

Hi, all! Remember when our friends said Don’t Say Gay had nothing to do with anything outside trans rights? Behold Orange County, home of Orlando and Walt Disney World: According to representatives of the county’s teacher association, teachers and staff members will be disallowed from wearing rainbow articles of clothing, including lanyards distributed by theContinue reading “It’s a brand new era!”

Why the attacks on Disney matter

To defend a corporation expert at placing cute mouse ears on nefarious practices like Disney does puts me in a grotesque position, especially since Disney has bought the Florida legislature on both sides for five decades, which means for a while it endorsed the Don’t Say Gay Bill until its immaculately groomed public image tookContinue reading “Why the attacks on Disney matter”