A Second Thought: 2010

The relatively sane people who don’t dedicate themselves to criticism must assume we’re born having listened to, watched, and read everything. The reality is more banal: we’re constantly playing catch-up. I don’t think we do a good enough job reminding our readers about discovering older stuff that we overlooked or for which we once hadContinue reading “A Second Thought: 2010”

More holiday reviews: Carlos and True Grit

In brief: Carlos. I should point out that I am evaluating the two and a half hour “theatrical” cut, not the five-hours-plus version. Whether the longer version fills in motivational lacunae for the revolutionary known as Carlos the Jackal (Edgar Martinez) I’ll have to wait until DVD; but Oliver Assayas, my favorite working director,  mixesContinue reading “More holiday reviews: Carlos and True Grit”

“It’s not your fault”: The King’s Speech

American audiences were introduced to Colin Firth in The English Patient, in which Firth’s cuckoled husband aimed a plane at Ralph Fiennes and misses, blowing himself up. In 2003’s Love Actually Firth’s doughy hips and doleful mien blended perfectly with the dozen English thespians charged with incarnating various kinds of English suffering. He got anContinue reading ““It’s not your fault”: The King’s Speech”

Teena Marie – RIP

If this is true, it’s a loss. Although she experienced a commerical resurgence a few years ago, it didn’t reflect how batshit her best work sounded. Thanks to Chuck Eddy, I got Emerald City several years too late, with no idea that “Lovergirl,” her biggest pop crossover, represented her safest concession to mass taste. ThisContinue reading “Teena Marie – RIP”