‘The lost illusions of American exceptionalism’

A couple days before Thanksgiving, remembering the mockery and hysteria with which the president’s sobriety before the forces of terrorist reaction has been greeted by the Beltway press, I thought it time to take stock. Charles Pierce: Shortly before his death, Thomas Jefferson described the issue of chattel slavery as the equivalent of​ holding a… More ‘The lost illusions of American exceptionalism’

Screenings #13

Jurassic World was a disgrace, replete with moronic stereotypes and atrocious dialogue. I expected Bryce Dallas Howard to moan, “Ohhh I broke a nail” before the pteranadon or whatever chewed her to pieces for choosing to be a career woman instead of an aunt. The original Spielberg movie isn’t top tier, but he at least… More Screenings #13

Rubio: ‘It’s this book about Churchill. It’s really long’

And now a word from the thoughtful, serious candidate in which GOP establishment satraps have cast their hopes should Donald Trump and Ben Carson fall and Ted Cruz’s assholism prove untenable: Hillary Clinton favors an activist American foreign policy, and Rubio mentioned to me that he was rereading “The Last Lion,” by William Manchester. He… More Rubio: ‘It’s this book about Churchill. It’s really long’

Singles 11/20

Latin Grammys week brought a slew of jams and ballads in the Best New Artist category, and it’s these kinds of foci that distinguish The Singles Jukebox from the competition. More English speaking artists, male and female, should perform goofy-sincere songs like “I Love You, Idiot!” John Grant’s written several good ones over the years,… More Singles 11/20

The definition of ‘democratic socialism’

GOP appeals to the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan happen more regularly because the man died eleven years ago whereas the Holy Ghost hadn’t even considered Marco Rubio’s parents the beneficiaries of its munificence in April 1945. By contrast Democrats tend to be wary about FDR references. This is in part due to the degree… More The definition of ‘democratic socialism’

Details – RIP

With Details joining the great auk, let’s take a minute to praise the stable of writers under James Truman’s stewardship in the mid nineties: Rob Sheffield, Chris Heath, Rob Tannenbaum, Glenn O’Brien, and countless others who contributed to a magazine whose vision of masculinity as insouciant, sexually ambivalent, and comfortable with objectification educated thousands of… More Details – RIP

Profiles in courage

Today I learned that my congressional representative, a graduate of a local Jesuit prep school and five years my junior, was so spooked by ISIS that he surrendered, voting with his party and forty-seven craven Democrats. His statement is a masterpiece of weaselspeak: After last week’s horrific terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, it is… More Profiles in courage

Errant nonsense

George Will’s wife is looking for a new he-man employer. This explains a column that contains a higher percentage than usual of his moronic insights: Paris was for all Americans, but especially for Republicans, a summons to seriousness that should have two immediate impacts on the Republican presidential contest. It should awaken the party’s nominating… More Errant nonsense