This is the blog of Alfred Soto, freelance music critic, film writer, political commentator, and generalist. I’ve written for SPIN, Slate, The Miami Herald, The Village Voice, The Quietus, and Red Bull Music Academy, among others.

Twitter: @SotoAlfred

Email: soto.alfred AT gmail DOT com

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Khris Hoven

    You are an absolutely brilliant man. I love all of your prose; it is well-crafted, thoughtful, and sagacious. I was planning to Netflix and chill this evening, but I could not stop reading your thoughts.

  2. Mary Coffindaffer

    Gen Xer here. Just stumbled on your blog and….this is GREAT! Many thanks for this island of observations and commentary. Sonny Came Home-blech indeed. And I am groovin’ on this Chic page wrap.

  3. marengo

    Amazing and useful blog. I would observe that your wide use of language incurs a lower proportion of mouth breathing readers, but like Umberto Eco… that maybe your goal. I’ve enjoyed the dive.


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