“A wind shear environment that promotes rotation”

I cannot say this news surprises me. Please note the equivocations, which won’t satisfy the deniers. a September 2013 study from Stanford, “Robust increases in severe thunderstorm environments in response to greenhouse forcing,” points to “a possible increase in the number of days supportive of tornadic storms.” In particular, the study found that sustained globalContinue reading ““A wind shear environment that promotes rotation””

Haim: You lead me to no other line

I don’t know if the Fillmore Miami Beach adjusted its mixing to give Este Haim a sound commensurate with the expressions which have set The Internetz ablaze, but it sure was high. The Filmore’s acoustics, suited for opera or theater, exert an erratic influence on rock bands, which is to say it was hard fromContinue reading “Haim: You lead me to no other line”

Midterms: “Raise the dollars and secure the volunteer commitments”

Goodness me – the millennials are sick of politics (thanks, Ron Fournier; you just earned yourself a slot on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”). A long articleby Sasha Issenberg is getting attention, detailing the ways in which midterm elections have broken for the GOP since 2004. Barack Obama was, of course, wrong. According to Issenberg,Continue reading “Midterms: “Raise the dollars and secure the volunteer commitments””

“It scares me a little bit”

You know those climate change articles, the ones showing Florida is gone in 50 years? Alton Road on Miami Beach is what I’ve got in mind. Here’s the proof: The Florida Department of Transportation has torn up Alton Road to install three new pump stations, new inlets and piping to improve drainage and alleviate flooding.Continue reading ““It scares me a little bit””

Love and a question

A day after my weekend at EMP Pop Conference in Seattle, I was reassured: rock criticism remains as thoughtful and febrile as ever. Contentious too. Panelists and listeners batted around the differences between “archiving” and “curating” at one session (me: yes, there is a difference, and we use the words interchangeably). The second phenomenon: theContinue reading “Love and a question”

Best of 2014 – First quarter

The first quarter’s ended, but I haven’t posted my favorite albums yet. Beyonce made it because I had the rare privilege of time and a purely personal interest in enjoying it through Christmas. Wish it was a longer list. It’s disgraceful that no country and hip hop qualified yet (Future, Schoolboy Q, and Eric ChurchContinue reading “Best of 2014 – First quarter”

A terror by which I hoped never to be engulfed: James Baldwin

To a point I understand why James Baldwin has vanished from Common Core required reading lists (I understand why Bayard Rustin doesn’t appear in hagiographies about the civil rights movement). Complexities of style has nothing to do with it; for years high schoolers had no trouble reading “Sonny’s Blues.” The fiction is easy. The fictionContinue reading “A terror by which I hoped never to be engulfed: James Baldwin”

“Sharing a bed is a sign of intimacy”

I’m single because I like to sleep alone. It comes down to this fact. Relearning the joy of sleeping face down in the X position, Holly Allen doesn’t want to return to sweating and inadvertently spooning her husband: Our first married bed was a queen. It sagged terribly in the middle and made us rollContinue reading ““Sharing a bed is a sign of intimacy””

On the Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign sends young volunteers to collect signatures at my university at least once a semester. When I reject the request, the volunteer looks sad, as if I’d reminded her of her bigoted dad; when I explain I’m gay and still won’t support it, she looks stricken. It’s a reflex to associate theContinue reading “On the Human Rights Campaign”

“Miami, as we know it today, is doomed”

My neighborhood doesn’t flood. Cockroaches and star spiders hang out in Westchester to escape flooding. In 2010 Allstate and Florida thought otherwise. For the first time in memory, the area was classified as a flood zone. Owning a condo meant I paid a much cheaper group rate, so the yearly burden wasn’t onerous. Still. FloridaContinue reading ““Miami, as we know it today, is doomed””