PBS NewsHour debate: Kissinger lives!

Unable to watch last night’s Democratic debate live, I caught up with the stream, impressed by how well the thoughtful-to-a-fault PBS ethos worked in rerun. Some notes: 1. The thoughtful-to-a-fault PBS ethos crumbled to powder when Bernie Sanders said, with the air of making a campaign promise, “I happen to believe that Henry Kissinger was… More PBS NewsHour debate: Kissinger lives!

Bernie Sanders: money in politics ‘narrows the range of possibility’

“This magazine rarely makes endorsements in the Democratic primary (we’ve done so only twice: for Jesse Jackson in 1988, and for Barack Obama in 2008),” the editors of The Nation write. “We do so now impelled by the awareness that our rigged system works for the few and not for the many. Americans are waking… More Bernie Sanders: money in politics ‘narrows the range of possibility’

Barack Obama: a legacy

The Barack Hussein Obama presidency has been more consequential than it looks, Michael Grunwald argues. Wading through the minutiae of the stimulus bill and Department of Energy regulations, Grunwald says the president’s domestic legacy will outlive him: What he’s done is changing the way we produce and consume energy, the way doctors and hospitals treat… More Barack Obama: a legacy

Those Stalinist students!

The way in which we sentimentalize the most average experiences exemplifies what Marxists call false consciousness. Many complaints about Princetonians objecting to Woodrow Wilson tut-tut about what campus protest was really like, man. Corey Robin doesn’t believe it. To listen to the critics of these Princeton students, you would think that until these students came… More Those Stalinist students!

Democratic myopia

Charles Pierce: There are a couple of lessons that the Democratic Party can take from yet another ass-kicking, this in a freakish off off-year election. (The results in Virginia, where Democrats hoped to overturn the state senate, were particularly painful, and not much of a testimony to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s influence.) The first one is… More Democratic myopia

GOP extremism: most fundamental campaign issue

I quote Charles Pierce so often because he’s one of the few columnists with a historical sense to match his prose. Often the historical sense is the saucer on which the tea cup of his prose cools (he steeps his sentences in Mencken and Thompson). I’d think, as he argues, that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would be… More GOP extremism: most fundamental campaign issue

‘Our long term project must be the destruction of the state’

In a coda to a NYT Magazine essay about the corporatism of the American university, Fredrik deBoer writes: The central quandary for today’s left is that we need to use the state for various essential functions, such as providing free public education and preventing racist housing discrimination, while recognizing that our long term project must… More ‘Our long term project must be the destruction of the state’