Joseph R. Biden vs minority rule

The Speech was fine. His COVID cough brought a charming poignancy. But we’re not the target audience — it’s made for replay in independent markets. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or FDR himself couldn’t convince Republicans in 2022 they’re sick motherfuckers who should die. And Dems in blue districts fighting for reelectionContinue reading “Joseph R. Biden vs minority rule”

Caught between waves

When Miami’s oldest independent bookstore lifted its mask mandate last week, I realized most county residents had decided they needed a glimpse of what life in February 2020 even if it meant seeing chins, cheeks, lips, and, my god, facial hair best hidden from a cruel world. I’ll defy the consensus: “we” haven’t decreed COVIDContinue reading “Caught between waves”

Dems in disarray, part MCMXII

I took this screenshot last Saturday before it disappeared — a “moment’s monument,” to quote Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who knew about masochism and hurling himself into graves but not the potency of the Washington political press. As for the news itself, well, I wanted the infrastructure and social spending bills passed together. Progressives are pessimistic,Continue reading “Dems in disarray, part MCMXII”

The DC press as Mouths of Sauron

Watching Joe Biden’s address to the American public on Monday and the subsequent reaction, I realized that Two Americas encompassed every aspect of political life. The president, approval rating hit notwithstanding, had a suspicion about who would rend their garments about the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan. Paul Campos summarizes. I omitted the first point:Continue reading “The DC press as Mouths of Sauron”

Worry about 2022 (and 2024)

Seven months after elections whose mail-in and in-person components worked with a precision expected of the *World’s Greatest Representative Democracy, the supplicants and toadies clambering at the feet of the former president work like Santa’s elves in state legislatures to ensure that the Democratic Party’s victories in 2020 are short-lived. Corey Robin defines conservative traditionContinue reading “Worry about 2022 (and 2024)”

‘We got beat on this one’

Pobrecitos: None of the attack lines seemed to resonate with voters, who began receiving stimulus checks as early as last weekend and appear overwhelmingly supportive of the law. A CBS-YouGov survey released on Sunday showed 71 percent of adults believe the American Rescue Plan will benefit the middle class more than wealthy Americans. The bill’sContinue reading “‘We got beat on this one’”

The buncombe of ‘bipartisanship’

For certain bluebloods in the Beltway commentariat, a government should be as coherent, organized, and commonsensical as a Sunday column. Hence the appeal of bipartisanship. W.H. Auden, as we say, had their number. “A society which was really like a good poem, embodying the aesthetic virtues of beauty, order, economy and subordination of detail toContinue reading “The buncombe of ‘bipartisanship’”