American Rescue Plan: ‘There is nothing to fear but fear of deficits itself’

Look, count me among the leftists disappointed if not angered at the casualness with which Joe and the Manchins swatted away the $15 minimum wage from the American Rescue Plan. Even a “compromise” at eleven bucks an hour does little to nothing for a languishing service sector, to quote that ubiquitous COVID-era martial metaphor, “onContinue reading “American Rescue Plan: ‘There is nothing to fear but fear of deficits itself’”

‘A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020’

Erik Levitz spoke to pollster David Shor again this week for a post-mortem on the 2020 election. Now that we can see the results precinct by precinct the conclusions are as sobering as a blow to the chest. The GOP chipped away at the traditionally Democratic African American bloc and broke huge chunks from Hispanics:Continue reading “‘A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020’”

‘Together, we can do the necessary work’: the Georgia Senate runoffs

I suffered no anxiety because I didn’t think Democrats would beat smiling offal like David Purdue or an unlettered hack like Kelly Loeffler. Figured Joseph Robinette Biden would govern by executive order while Mitch McConnell made life miserable for his putative Old Friend. Hours after most networks declared Reverend Raphael Warnock the winner of hisContinue reading “‘Together, we can do the necessary work’: the Georgia Senate runoffs”

2020: What else ya got?

I was supposed to be in Italy last summer, not living Death in Venice. Besides travel, remodeling my kitchen ranked high on my list of priorities for a year that looked in January like a culmination. Now, although I’m lucky enough to have kept the nest egg I’d saved for the job, I can sayContinue reading “2020: What else ya got?”

Reading Barack Obama

Writers overestimate the erudition of politicos. Alfred Kazin, watching with amazement at the number of poets and novelists cozying up to John F. Kennedy, suggested a sentimentality at work whereby writers, shunned by mass culture, suddenly find validation when a president has memorized one of their book titles.

‘People used to say Communism can’t happen in Cuba…’

(Photo by MARCO BELLO/AFP via Getty Images) For friends living outside Florida (the state with the prettiest name!), USA Today‘s Romina Ruiz-Goiriena interviews several Miami-Dade Trump voters to get an idea of the marbles, bats, and gumballs rattling around their heads. The quotes may shock my readers, but as a local I shrug.

From the annals of Beltway journalism

With coronavirus cases up eleven thousand in twenty-four hours and climate change accelerating, it remains a comfort to know Maggie Haberman’s stenographic skills sharpen publication after publication: In the meantime, Mr. Trump has spent his days toggling between his White House residence and the Oval Office, watching television coverage about the final weeks of hisContinue reading “From the annals of Beltway journalism”

A Veteran’s Day post

Eight days after Donald J. Trump got a thumpin’ and four days after every reputable news outlet called the election for Joseph Robinette Biden, I get a sense from Democratic Twitter that the horror continues, unending. The syllables congealing into words uttered by Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich — just typing thoseContinue reading “A Veteran’s Day post”

From the annals of MAGAism

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)[/caption] Thanks to Tropical Storm Eta, I had my first conversation with a Trumper this morning. My upstairs neighbor, the alcoholic and emphysemic with the MAGA flag flapping like a caught fish from a skiff, bumped into me, masked, as he went for his bike. We bantered in Spanish about our experiences withContinue reading “From the annals of MAGAism”

Dems: ‘They’re just setting up their own obsolescence’

Listening to Joseph Robinette Biden and Kamala Harris’ platitudinous speeches last night with three of my closest friends, I thought, what a relief to listen to a platitudinous speech. More than five years after Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower, his filth is beginning to wash away, and the detergents consist of aContinue reading “Dems: ‘They’re just setting up their own obsolescence’”