I can walk you through the park if you’re feelin’ blue, or whatever

I don’t understand the concept of “makeout music.” If you’re going to makeout with someone, you’re concentrating on your lover, not on whether a Marvin Gaye or Animal Collective album is putting you in the mood. Thus, affixing this moniker on what Maxwell does mystifies me. Like Roxy Music’s Avalon, BLACKsummer’snight, his first record inContinue reading “I can walk you through the park if you’re feelin’ blue, or whatever”

You’re just kissing to be clever

If you can snag a copy of Dave Rimmer’s Like Punk Never Happened used on Amazon or eBay (it’s available), please do: it’s a wonderful companion to Simon Reynolds’ Rip It Up and Start Again.  Renewed interest in Culture Club’s Colour By Numbers provoked by an I Love Music poll persuaded me to request theContinue reading “You’re just kissing to be clever”

The Onion couldn’t have put this more gracefully: In a surprising development, the Roman Catholic church has moved to officially endorse masturbation. The result of an intense theological debate, the decision is seen by progressives in the Vatican as a major step forward in bringing Catholicism into the twenty first century. “Whether we like itContinue reading

You know, we call them killer whales

Interesting and almost contentious argument today on the Stylus Foundation message board (where former Stylus writers treat their former home as a club room in which to discuss ideas, like Robert Bork and Jonah Goldberg at the Heritage Foundation) wherein I tried to put the rest friend Chris Gaerig’s notion, first proffered last fall, thatContinue reading “You know, we call them killer whales”

F*** The Police

Jonah Goldberg, who considers himself a serious thinker thanks to the success of Liberal Fascism (since Hitler was a vegetarian, and lots of progressives are vegetarian, Goldberg claims, his smile big and luminescent, therefore progressives are fascists), shows how deeply he’s pondered the implications in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and the man’sContinue reading “F*** The Police”

The Mental Floss History of the World is a most entertaining recount of the last 8000 years of human civilization. If it’d dropped some of the snark, it’d have been perfect; as it is, it’s quite wonderful airport reading. My review here.