What a peaceable kingdom: Andersonworld

The first memorable thing about Moonrise Kingdom is the way Scoutmaster Edward Norton holds a cigarette in his right hand as far away from his body as possible. The second are the colors. You’ve never seen a red-painted wooden house this red. Or lawns this green. Moonrise Kingdom is another Wes Anderson’s curio, a fantasiaContinue reading “What a peaceable kingdom: Andersonworld”

Singles reviews 6/28

The first track from one of the year’s best records and a potent comeback from one of the last decade’s most singular laryngeal contortionists are two of the week’s best. My middling score for Charli XCX made me the Clarence Thomas of the Singles Jukebox; the song is the highest ranked to date. On theContinue reading “Singles reviews 6/28”

Keep it In The Family

Joey Williams (Patrick Wang) eats reheated food, drives an apple-red pickup, doesn’t read. Legal documents baffle him. So does meanness. When Cody (Trevor St John) his boyfriend of six years is killed in a car accident, the threads of polite tolerance between him and his purported in-laws begin to fray; when a will, written beforeContinue reading “Keep it In The Family”

The end of…something?

Gay culture contracts into an unrecognizable permutation: The reasons for what everyone agrees is a noticeable contraction in club life go way beyond the digital revolution into even more fundamental changes. Younger gay men might be more concerned about meeting Mr. Right to marry and start families than the perpetual search for Mr.Right Now. EvenContinue reading “The end of…something?”

Nora Ephron – R.I.P.

The dearth of active woman writer-directors in Hollywood tempts me into overrating Nora Ephron. I like the versimilitude of the Meryl Streep-Kurt Russell-Cher triad in Silkwood and how well the cast of Julie and Julia bounced off each other; otherwise she set new standards for glibness. Who needed Ted Turner threatening to colorize old moviesContinue reading “Nora Ephron – R.I.P.”

People like us: The Idler Wheel

Fiona Apple could have named her first album in seven years Jonathan. It would have been as Apple-esque as The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. Her band reduced to a twosome of Apple and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Drayton, theContinue reading “People like us: The Idler Wheel”

How reassuring!

We’ll need boats: If oceans continue to rise in the coming decades, the first areas to be submerged are Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Lee and Pinellas counties, said scientists who gathered here Thursday for Florida Atlantic University’s Sea Level Rise Summit. Palm Beach County benefits from elevations that are about two feet above those lower-lying areas,Continue reading “How reassuring!”

“Damaged and dumb”

Corpses are no fun to kick but I can’t resist posting Alex Pareene’s column adding to his Hack List National Review Online’s Kathryn-Jean Lopez, “a hack liberal’s savage parody of a miserable, prematurely old religious conservative woman”: Lopez just seems damaged, and dumb. All of modern life plainly makes her miserable. She seems happy onlyContinue reading ““Damaged and dumb””

Andrew Sarris R.I.P.

Sarris: It was this ineradicable feeling of emotional insecurity which enhanced his great dramatic moments on screen, as much as it probably accounted for his reportedly less-Cary-Grantish behavior off-screen. Without this darker side, the true greatness of Grant as an actor might be more difficult to demonstrate. It is what Ralph Richardson said of JohnContinue reading “Andrew Sarris R.I.P.”