Beat This Way: Queerdom, Conformity, and Suburbia

Ned: I’ve found myself growing less, not more, conservative with time, less patient and less willing to tolerate certain things while eager to take in more outside of the preset path you’re supposed to follow, however implicitly. Perhaps that’s just age and experience — you get tired of the dumb-blowtorch-of-youth moves that you yourself happilyContinue reading “Beat This Way: Queerdom, Conformity, and Suburbia”

I’m pollin’ DOWN: The best of Bruce Springsteen

>Bruce Springsteen has voodoo — look at the number of critics who included 2012’s Wrecking Ball in their lists of the year’s best. I’m not immune: my favorite single of 2012, Eric Church’s “Springsteen,” used the guy’s name as a peg on which to hang a summer’s worth of memories and untold longings, signified byContinue reading “I’m pollin’ DOWN: The best of Bruce Springsteen”

C. Everett Koop and ACT-UP: In memoriam

Rectitude personified, projecting the full authority of the American federal government with epaulets and a Nebuchadnezzar beard, C. Everett Koop breathed life into the clay called the surgeon general. In a recounting of the grueling, forgotten confirmation battle, Michael Specter praises Koop for not viewing the truth and honesty as mutually exclusive: Koop turned outContinue reading “C. Everett Koop and ACT-UP: In memoriam”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

Sex is a zero-sum game for Karen O — she and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs called It’s Blitz!‘s first single “Zero.” Over guitar ripples, the most basic drum pattern of Brian Chase’s career, and Karen’s voice beyond her natural range. the band raise a ruckus loud enough to put heaven on notice. But heaven hasContinue reading “Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege”

A pox on Bobby De Niro…

Herewith, my Oscar predictions: PICTURE: Argo DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence SUPP ACTOR: Tommy Lee Jones SUPP ACTRESS: Anne Hathaway ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Amour ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Argo CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Richardson EDITING: Argo FOREIGN: Amour ANIMATED FEATURE: Brave ANIMATED SHORT: Paperman MAKEUP: The Hobbit COSTUME DESIGN: Les Miserables DOCUMENTARY: Searching For Sugar ManContinue reading “A pox on Bobby De Niro…”

Singles 2/22

It’s with regret that I announce the release of Marsha Ambrosious’ first dud single. Eric Church and former Hootie Darius Rucker keep on truckin’. The trio Yelle record the best French pop song I’ve heard in years. Click on links for full reviews. Yelle – L’Amour Parfait (7) Eric Church – Like Jesus Does (7)Continue reading “Singles 2/22”

Very Ferry

What I’ve heard of the agreeable, minor The Jazz Age is hilarious. Longtime collaborator Colin Good arranges Bryan Ferry’s Roxy and solo material – for some of which he ventured admirably far and deep – for an orchestra. As the title suggests, the tracks nod towards the flapper era, often in surprising ways. The melancholyContinue reading “Very Ferry”

Django, still chained

I don’t agree entirely with this exegesis — I’m steeped in enough film conventions to accept Django’s shooting prowess — but it underscores the degree to which Django Unchained relies on bad faith. The bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz, Dr. King, makes louder reassuring noises about guilt than the former slave whose fate consistsContinue reading “Django, still chained”

About those Cosby sweaters

Heathcliff Huxtable’s sweaters were inseparable from the man: domesticated gaudiness. The story of Bill Cosby and his (in)famous sweaters: Though writing the sweater phenomenon off as another meme-driven, nostalgic obsession doesn’t really hold up when you start watching reruns. The more episodes you’ve see, the more you realize that Cosby actually wore an insanely largeContinue reading “About those Cosby sweaters”