I found a cure for this

Jordan questions the dearth of accessible criticism on Maxwell, a problem he lays on the artist’s fallow recording cycle and the fact that Maxwell released three of his four albums before 2001. More significantly, Jordan observes that Maxwell “leans adult contemporary at times and I assume he never really crossed over to rock critics inContinue reading “I found a cure for this”

Gods and monsters: Django Unchained

Fitfully entertaining for most of its length, dawdling only when Quentino Tarantino insists on a lame joke about nascent Ku Kluxers and their masks so that Jonah Hill can get a line; and when Christoph Waltz overacts through an explanation. He’s really not a very good actor, and he’ll start giving overscaled performances in smallContinue reading “Gods and monsters: Django Unchained”

Of cliffs and slopes

Naturally no paper will carry this story: On Jan. 1, 2000, the world awoke to find that little had changed since the night before. After years of hype around what was then called Y2K — the fear that computer systems across the globe would collapse, unable to handle the year shifting from ’99 to ’00Continue reading “Of cliffs and slopes”

“You ever heard of guns?”

As we prepare to endure the bleatings of conservative relatives, let us rejoice in Joe Hagan’s reporting from this November’s National Review cruise. Among the edifying moments: Cal Thomas and Rich LOLwry looked restrained and practical next to their fellow cruisers. This was a phenomenon that was common on the cruise—the conservative pundits and columnistsContinue reading ““You ever heard of guns?””

In Another Country

A master at playing characters whose self-control hangs on a thread, Isabelle Huppert is well cast in writer-director Hong Sang-Soo’s In Another Country playing three of those characters. The film’s premise: a young screenwriter puzzles through these variations, all of which involve Huppert, a solicitous neighbor (Jung Yumi), a filmmaker (Moon Sungkeun), a horny neighborContinue reading “In Another Country”

“I was always aware of these things existed”

From Rene Rodriguez’s interview with Quentin Tarantino: Q: The movie is akin to Inglourious Basterds in that it’s a kind of historical fantasy, only rooted in more reality. The graphic depiction of slavery is astonishing, like the scene in which Calvin Candie forces two men to fight to the death for his amusement. A: IContinue reading ““I was always aware of these things existed””

Best albums of 2012: #1-3

1. Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream Reminding Chuck Eddy of “mid/late ’80s starting-to-go-downhill Prince, only not as good,” Kaleidoscope Dream is a better record than Around The World in a Day: Miguel Pimentel’s rhythms can handle the psychedelic drag (although on the last track “politics” defeat him, and unlike Prince’s “America” no crazy-ass fuzz guitar soloContinue reading “Best albums of 2012: #1-3”

Singles 12/21 – Christmas Edition!

I like to think Jeremih has a bit of Donald Fagen in him. Anyway, last Singles Jukebox reviews of the year, Amnesty edition. Click on links for full reviews. Jeremih – 773 Love (7) Donald Fagen – I’m Not The Same Without You (7) Mykko Montana ft. K Camp – Do It (7) Niki &Continue reading “Singles 12/21 – Christmas Edition!”

Funny how a melody sounds like a memory: the best singles of 2012

Bogged down by other writing and occupational nonsense, I will simply post twenty of my favorite songs of 2012. I tend to avoid including singles whose albums also charted in my top ten, but I also tend to make exceptions: this year it’s for “Arch N Point,” which hooked me in April and unlocked theContinue reading “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory: the best singles of 2012”

Best albums of 2012 #4-6

4. Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music The “politics” for which this album has gotten praise boil down to “Reagan and Obama both suck,” which is correct, but Mike gets no points for false equivalence. Likewise the “That’s why I’m giving honor to all these baby mommas” sentiment in “Untitled” is embedded in a verse thatContinue reading “Best albums of 2012 #4-6”