“Breaking Bad” – a few thoughts

Late to the “Breaking Bad” paneygrics, I loved it nevertheless by the time I finished the first half of Season Five in June. I have friends who prefer the discursiveness of “Mad Men” plots; that’s too kind a description of what I think is the listlessness of a show suffering from late term burnout. “BreakingContinue reading ““Breaking Bad” – a few thoughts”

Best Albums – Third Quarter

In no order except chronological. ALBUMS 1. Tegan & Sara – Heartthrob 2. My Bloody Valentine – m b v 3. The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law 4. The Mavericks – In Time 5. The Men – New Moon 6. Gary Allan – Set You Free 7. Ashley Monroe – Like a Rose 8. KaceyContinue reading “Best Albums – Third Quarter”

Compromise schompromise

From Jonathan Rauch’s essay “Rescuing Compromise”: Of course, Tea Partiers are hardly the first to argue that compromise has undermined or distorted the Constitution. Barry Goldwater inspired millions (though he alarmed millions more) with his declaration that “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue” and his claim that much of what the governmentContinue reading “Compromise schompromise”

Enough Said

A L.A. masseuse named Eva (Julia-Louis Dreyfus) meets Albert (James Gandolfini) at a party. They’re so different that these two divorcees hit it off: Albert, prone to mumbling his sandpaper-dry one-liners as his eyes narrow and expand; Eva injecting nervous giggles every other phrase. Both, however, have daughters going away to college in a fewContinue reading “Enough Said”

Stanley Kurtz, you’re a riot: “Calling people socialist seems rude, especially when they are.”

Stanley Kurtz, you are a funny man. To answer the question, “Shall we call Bill de Blasio a socialist?” he lists the following: In favor: 1) He is one. 2) He called himself one. 3) There is no evidence of an ideological shift. 4) He supports the Sandinistas who are socialist and admit it. 5)Continue reading “Stanley Kurtz, you’re a riot: “Calling people socialist seems rude, especially when they are.””

Eww gross — Republican states tend to have more government jobs

States whose economies most depend on government employment will most likely vote Republican, the New York Times reports: Consider one measure, the proportion of civilian employees in each state with government jobs, whether federal, state or local. Nationally, the proportion last month was 16 percent, the lowest figure since 2001. But the variance among theContinue reading “Eww gross — Republican states tend to have more government jobs”

“If he’s talking about the Republicans coming to their senses, he’s just wrong.”

Charles Pierce: If he’s talking about the economy and we, somehow, come out out of this with a bogus “bipartisan” solution along the lines of the bogus Simpson-Bowles extravaganza, the Republicans will have won more than the Democrats have, because feeding Vaal on entitlements is their policy, not that of the Democrats. If he’s talkingContinue reading ““If he’s talking about the Republicans coming to their senses, he’s just wrong.””

Singles 9/27 – M.I.A., Katy B, Sleigh Bells, Avicii

A week after hearing it I’ll temper my enthusiasm for Katy B’s latest and give M.I.A.’s Frankenstein number an extra point. No points for Avicii, though, who may replace Guetta as South Florida’s EDM king. Click on links for full reviews. Katy B – 5 AM (7) MØ ft. Diplo – XXX 88 (7) M.I.A.Continue reading “Singles 9/27 – M.I.A., Katy B, Sleigh Bells, Avicii”

Look but don’t touch in paradise

I’ve recorded how I came to Ferry/Bowie-inspired British music at the nadir of its popularity: the early nineties. In the summer of 1996, I swallowed a beer and performed ABC’s “The Look of Love” at karaoke. Every mirror move I’d rehearsed in three years came on cue. The crowd loved it, I must admit. IContinue reading “Look but don’t touch in paradise”

Bush 41 and Barbara witness same sex marriage ceremony

Well, lookee here: George H.W. and Barbara Bush attend same sex marriage of friends. The former president went further. More: No big statement from the ex-prez’s office. His rep Jim McGrath confirmed his and wife Barbara’s presence at the Kennebunkport wedding: “They were private citizens attending a private ceremony for two friends.” In an e-mailContinue reading “Bush 41 and Barbara witness same sex marriage ceremony”

“No one cared more about getting this right than LL and I.”

“Accidental Racist” wasn’t a boon to Brad Paisley: it didn’t ignite sales for a mediocre record, and as a statement and performance it was garbage. On Facebook last night a couple of critics noted that Paisley has seen a decline in sales. He doesn’t chart the top of the country charts with each single, and,Continue reading ““No one cared more about getting this right than LL and I.””