The expanding attack on queer Americans

The situation in Florida (the state with the prettiest name!) continues to wither if citizens don’t belong to a governing majority that despises public education but would support shipping their teething child to Siberia at six months if men could get pregnant. HB 1557, which wants to ensure elementary schools ignore the pleas of gay,Continue reading “The expanding attack on queer Americans”

The ‘nihilism’ and ‘armchair epidemiology’ of the Supreme Court majority

I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on HTV. It’s my understanding that federal agencies have broad enough mandates to anticipate public health crises and situations requiring swift action because Congress, rightly, cannot predict their occurrences. Seeing an opportunity to undue an administrative state with roots in the Great Society and New Deal, ChiefContinue reading “The ‘nihilism’ and ‘armchair epidemiology’ of the Supreme Court majority”

Life in these United States: on critical gun theory

I don’t deny “education” excited Virginians last Tuesday evening because for many Americans “education” is synonymous with “employment office,” which is to say, a diploma signifies the ability to land meaningful employment. A “good school” is a place where parents can boast about their ability to send or pay for the school or to useContinue reading “Life in these United States: on critical gun theory”

Sam Alito, GOP hack

I did not go to an Ivy League school. Millions of graduates from respectable community colleges possess an empathy and moral imagination — both are synonymous — greater than Samuel Alito, associate justice of the Supreme Court. His remarks to the Federalist Society this week depended on the infringement on his right to use federalContinue reading “Sam Alito, GOP hack”

The nonsense of originalism

I’m no lawyer but have always shown interest in the Supreme Court as an institution: its history, personalities, decisions. Not immune to appropriating the language of their enemies, liberals annoy me when they decry “judicial activism” or conservatives when they regard a political document written over two centuries ago as inviolate. Isn’t it funny howContinue reading “The nonsense of originalism”