Screwing my courage: Pride ’21

In suburban Miami the mockingbirds don’t wait until sunrise to chirp. When the remains of the thick night air linger between 5:30 and 6 a.m., the blasted things are trilling in palm and olive trees, addled. On the rare occasions I skip my morning walks I’m listless and cranky. In this respect nothing has changedContinue reading “Screwing my courage: Pride ’21”

Nothing matters and what if it did?

Behold the decadence of the POLITCO political press: DeSantis has prioritized monoclonal treatments such as Regeneron in his Florida pandemic battle plan, spending the past several weeks flying across the state supporting the treatments. Monoclonal antibody treatments are considered effective if administered early in an infection. At the same time, he has opposed Covid-related restrictionsContinue reading “Nothing matters and what if it did?”

To the unvaccinated: ‘Sorry. Time’s up.’

“The vaccinated have for too long carried the burden of the pandemic,” Juliette Kayyem writes in a cut-the-bullshit article for The Atlantic. She makes a point many of us have since the delta variant became a threat in early July: it’s the unvaccinated who should take precautions, not the rest of us. Kayyem cites aContinue reading “To the unvaccinated: ‘Sorry. Time’s up.’”

The CDC and its percolations

On Sanibel, the island off the Southwest Florida coast, I saw nary a mask covering the faces of tourists in flip-flops and whose cars bore license plates issued as close as Cape Coral and as far away as North Dakota. A sprinkling of grocery and general store employees wore them. This happened despite the COVIDContinue reading “The CDC and its percolations”

‘Don’t let political correctness get in the way of health choices’

On the same day conservative talk show hosts and the likes of Michael Flynn called Ron DeSantis a sellout for having the temerity to stress the importance of vaccinations, the Florida governor stuck with the script we have seen him perform since March 2020:

Americans drank more during the pandemic

“Thanks to the pandemic, Americans are drinking more and they’re drinking worse,” warns Axios in “America’s Deepening Drinking Habit.” Some of the discoveries: After more than a decade of declining alcohol consumption, per-capita alcohol consumption increased by 8% between 1999 and 2017 and the number of alcohol-related deaths per year doubled to nearly 70,000 OverContinue reading “Americans drank more during the pandemic”

‘People would trust Facebook more than they would trust us’

Although bolder about going indoors in public, I still mask if I’m going to linger someplace: the library, the bookstore, Target, that sort of thing. So long as a chance exists, however small, that a lying unmasked customer can transmit the highly infectious Delta variant of COVID, I cover up. Cases are rising among theContinue reading “‘People would trust Facebook more than they would trust us’”

‘Well, it’s my body until you’re 18.’”

The citizens most privy to evidence-based conclusions have proven most resistant to vaccinations and most vulnerable to false information. Health care workers have resisted vaccines; thousands of mothers believe the COVID vaccine will lead to infertility. Because humankind remains a species that extraterrestrials may vaporize to rid the Milky Way of our pathological cruelty, IContinue reading “‘Well, it’s my body until you’re 18.’””