Why the attacks on Disney matter

To defend a corporation expert at placing cute mouse ears on nefarious practices like Disney does puts me in a grotesque position, especially since Disney has bought the Florida legislature on both sides for five decades, which means for a while it endorsed the Don’t Say Gay Bill until its immaculately groomed public image tookContinue reading “Why the attacks on Disney matter”

COVID comedy ‘The Bubble’ pops

Late into The Bubble the son of one of the actors stranded during the production of a COVID-era film remarks over Zoom, “Movies are too long.” Out of the mouth of this babe comes rueful wisdom. It takes director Judd Apatow, not known for brevity, almost 130 minutes to tell a story this thin. AmongContinue reading “COVID comedy ‘The Bubble’ pops”

Caught between waves

When Miami’s oldest independent bookstore lifted its mask mandate last week, I realized most county residents had decided they needed a glimpse of what life in February 2020 even if it meant seeing chins, cheeks, lips, and, my god, facial hair best hidden from a cruel world. I’ll defy the consensus: “we” haven’t decreed COVIDContinue reading “Caught between waves”

How to live through a plague

Since finishing the British TV show It’s a Sin a couple days ago, I’ve imagined myself wheezing on a hospital bed like my uncle, dying from the petri dish of horribles to which AIDS exposes the immune system, kept functional for the sake of an EKG reading by hatred for the stricken faces blinking atContinue reading “How to live through a plague”

Living with COVID among us

I counted more students wearing masks yesterday — as high as eight or nine out of ten — than at any point on campus since April when Florida still allowed university presidents to wisely set health mandates not contingent on the governor’s election timetable. In a course I most dreaded, a film course with fiftyContinue reading “Living with COVID among us”

The ‘nihilism’ and ‘armchair epidemiology’ of the Supreme Court majority

I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on HTV. It’s my understanding that federal agencies have broad enough mandates to anticipate public health crises and situations requiring swift action because Congress, rightly, cannot predict their occurrences. Seeing an opportunity to undue an administrative state with roots in the Great Society and New Deal, ChiefContinue reading “The ‘nihilism’ and ‘armchair epidemiology’ of the Supreme Court majority”

Merry Christmas, y’all

I could’ve made a killing. Anticipating a winter COVID case spike thanks to family reunions, I bought several home testing kids last month. I still have three kept in a locked safe behind the barbed wire, trenches, and howitzers. I thought, “Well, it’ll be a spike, not a surge.” I would not have done wellContinue reading “Merry Christmas, y’all”