‘In the Hispanic world, black isn’t always black’

The Democratic Party’s failure to understand what distinguishes even moderate Cubans from other immigrants will, I hope, trigger an appraisal of their vote drive appeals. I’ve written often about my people’s unsubtle attitude toward their color, i.e. they ain’t Black and, besides, Uncle Sam said we weren’t. Pollsters like Carlos Odio have explained these phenomenaContinue reading “‘In the Hispanic world, black isn’t always black’”

The singular charm of Donald Trump’s senior adviser

A real charmer: Univision Noticias spoke with several classmates who said Miller had few friends, none of them non-white. They said he used to make fun of the children of Latino and Asian immigrants who did not speak English well. Early on, Miller began to write opinion columns in conservative blogs, the local press andContinue reading “The singular charm of Donald Trump’s senior adviser”

Exeunt Michael Flynn

Derek Hawkins says a footnote in the Eisenhower administration was the last national security advisor with a tenure as, ah, abbreviated as Michael Flynn’s. I was just old enough to remember how during John Poindexter’s year of service the National Security Council turned into a junta, selling weapons to Contras in a farrago that startedContinue reading “Exeunt Michael Flynn”

Strange bedfellows alert

A couple months ago, The New Yorker interviewed a writer named, ridiculously, Publius Decius Mus (tip: only Madison, Hamilton, and Jay could adopt Roman pseudonyms, for god’s sake). He wrote a delightful essay published in The Claremont Review, a publication which has lent its name to tony dismissals of savages and non-American otherworlders. In aContinue reading “Strange bedfellows alert”