Ranking my favorite Everything But the Girl albums

Although they weren’t on Rough Trade, Everything But the Girl released an album, Love Not Money, that I like and deserves mention beside Orange Juice, the Go-Betweens, and the Smiths. A special tip of the hat to 1990’s The Language of Life, recorded with George Benson producer, the impossibly named Tommy LiPuma: a smooth jazzContinue reading “Ranking my favorite Everything But the Girl albums”

Ranking Tom Waits 1983-2011

An idiosyncratic list. Compensating for a fallow nineties when he dabbled in soundtracks and applied his cool to extracurricular acting, Waits returned to recording in the 2000s with a vengeance, for better or worse. I couldn’t even finish his three-disc miscellany. I’ve got novels to read and bathrooms to clean. 1. Bone Machine (1992) ToContinue reading “Ranking Tom Waits 1983-2011”

Let me offset cottage cheese torture…

And I love the following items: 1. Tuesday Weld 2. Chock full o’Nuts 3. Lightly salted peanuts as snack 4. Insisting when possible on a hotel room with balcony or patio 5. Ronald Reagan histories and biographies 6. Any fricassee 7. Those three days anticipating Christmas Eve 8. Skinny jeans, the best casual men’s lookContinue reading “Let me offset cottage cheese torture…”

Ten more things that I arouse my ire

I can do without the following: 1. Revering the live concert experience 2. Cottage cheese and fruit 3. The Jonathan Franzen experience 4. “Eighties” as portmanteau for music with programmed beats and synths 5. Hot dogs 6. “Day and age” 7. Lucinda Williams after 2004 8. Ketchup 9. Double parking in front of grocery storesContinue reading “Ten more things that I arouse my ire”

Ranking my favorite Lucinda Williams albums

After 2007’s West, I lost interest in this once great singer-songwrier-band leader, frustrated by her lethargic yawp and the sponginess of her arrangements; but she recorded three of my favorite albums of the last thirty years. The only other album that deserves a devoted listen is 1980’s Happy Woman Blues.

Ranking eighties Hall & Oates

I’ll get to Daryl Hall and John Oates’ seventies catalog some day: too inconsistent and desperate to absorb in one sitting… 1. H20 (1982) Despite his enthusiasm and considerable finesse, Daryl Hall is not a convincing soul man. Insistent without the charm, he’s an A student who wants the class to read his history essay.Continue reading “Ranking eighties Hall & Oates”

Singles 11/23

TSJ reviewed some of the Latin Grammy nominees, most good to excellent as the scores reveal. I suggest giving Rosalía’s addictive “Malamente” a spin. I overrate Laura Jane Grace’s continued effort in holding on to her rage without it looking like a manner. Click on links for full reviews. Rosalía – Malamente (7) Twice –Continue reading “Singles 11/23”

Worst Songs Ever: Howard Jones’ ‘Things Can Only Get Better’

Howard Jones – “Things Can Only Get Better” PEAK CHART POSITION: #5 in June 1985 If we learned that Howard Jones was a cyborg created by the Thatcher government to sell positivity to a depressed public, we wouldn’t blink, nor would we miss a step if we learned that he based the fluffed generosity ofContinue reading “Worst Songs Ever: Howard Jones’ ‘Things Can Only Get Better’”