Downtown Life: The Urban Voices of Daryl Hall

Now that we’re set, here’s my paper topic for EMP Pop Conference 2016: “Downtown Life: The Urban Voices of Daryl Hall” “Rich Girl” created the stereotype Daryl Hall would coast on in the ’80s: a sleek panther sheathed in Armani, out for kicks. The Rich Girl—c’est Daryl. Then he collaborated with Robert Fripp on metronomic… More Downtown Life: The Urban Voices of Daryl Hall

Suck it, media

Regular readers that I enjoy few things so much as the continued decline of Sunday morning punditry’s influence. Like the white rural stranglehold on the GOP consciousness, the shadows cast by Washington’s permanent class of lobbyists, conflicts of interest, WaPo columnists, torture apologists, and higher education shills is redolent of another time. Trying to explain… More Suck it, media

Details – RIP

With Details joining the great auk, let’s take a minute to praise the stable of writers under James Truman’s stewardship in the mid nineties: Rob Sheffield, Chris Heath, Rob Tannenbaum, Glenn O’Brien, and countless others who contributed to a magazine whose vision of masculinity as insouciant, sexually ambivalent, and comfortable with objectification educated thousands of… More Details – RIP

Hack vs Hack

George Will has been a walking conflict of interest ever since he prepped Ronald Reagan for his debate with Jimmy Carter in 1980, didn’t disclose the info, and on ABC congratulated him on his performance. He lunched often with Nancy Reagan, his columns feasting on the scuttlebutt. Will’s purported Toryism and mastery of polysyllabic words… More Hack vs Hack

‘The President was sore as blazes’

Reviewing the journals of Drew Pearson, Thomas Mallon notes the most notorious instances of conflict of interest: Robert Novak, known as “the Prince of Darkness,” records in his autobiography of the same name how the social connections of his writing partner, Rowland Evans, sometimes put their column in the tank for J.F.K. Things got even… More ‘The President was sore as blazes’

‘If I decided to build one of these fountains, I could probably do it’

Bill Withers tells us how to live: “I can’t play the guitar or the piano, but I made a career out of writing songs on guitars and piano,” he said. “I never learned music. I just did it.” How? “It was just something I decided to do. If I decided to build one of these… More ‘If I decided to build one of these fountains, I could probably do it’

The stupidity of George Will, Part XIV

“They certainly are not tea partyers, those earnest, issue-oriented, book-club organizing activists who are passionate about policy,” writes George F. Will about the Trumpites. Those earnest “issue-oriented” types who wear Lady Liberty hats and scream about the government keeping its hands out of their Social Security. Once a year I revisit The George Will Show.… More The stupidity of George Will, Part XIV