Laying down the tracks for the next attempt at a stolen election

In The Storm Is Here: An American Crucible, Luke Mogelson at first irritated me: almost two hundred pages of interviews with crypto-Jew haters, Trumpists, anti-vaxxers, lockdown protestors, fluoride deniers, devotees of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and sundry charlatans and sheep, with maybe fifty pages about BLM and anti-fascists. Mogelson doesn’t make funContinue reading “Laying down the tracks for the next attempt at a stolen election”

American dysfunction — > American destruction

In two days we will observe the anniversary of the shambolic and amateurish but coordinated insurrection at Washington DC and do nothing. The former president and his underlings spent four years in party undoing a constitutional system, possibly beyond repair, despite their venality and imbecility; imagine a Trump administration as coordinated as George W. Bush’sContinue reading “American dysfunction — > American destruction”

Born in a small town: ‘Holler’

Trying to understand the mind — the pathology in many cases — of Trump voters has broken journalism since the former president descended the escalator in Trump Tower six years ago. The usual Sunday magazine cover story: reporters visit a diner in Connellsville, Pennsylvania or wherever to talk to those voters about Pfizer boosters asContinue reading “Born in a small town: ‘Holler’”

Worry about 2022 (and 2024)

Seven months after elections whose mail-in and in-person components worked with a precision expected of the *World’s Greatest Representative Democracy, the supplicants and toadies clambering at the feet of the former president work like Santa’s elves in state legislatures to ensure that the Democratic Party’s victories in 2020 are short-lived. Corey Robin defines conservative traditionContinue reading “Worry about 2022 (and 2024)”

The malignancy of George W. Bush

“A society that lets George W. Bush go anywhere without a shrieking Greek chorus to remind him of his body count isn’t good for much at all,” Sarah Jones writes. The wretched thing about the shrieking excrescence that rotted in the Oval Office between January 2017 and January 2020 is how living Republicans before BushContinue reading “The malignancy of George W. Bush”

‘A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020’

Erik Levitz spoke to pollster David Shor again this week for a post-mortem on the 2020 election. Now that we can see the results precinct by precinct the conclusions are as sobering as a blow to the chest. The GOP chipped away at the traditionally Democratic African American bloc and broke huge chunks from Hispanics:Continue reading “‘A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016 and 2020’”

From the annals of MAGAlandia

Here is an example of a story that can happen anywhere MAGAs roam the land but has special poignance because it took place in Florida (the state with the prettiest name!). In line to pay, the woman got too close to a man who asked her in Spanish to please maintain her distance. She ignoredContinue reading “From the annals of MAGAlandia”

Objective political reporting ‘has failed’

I respect Marty Baron from his tenures as editor of the Boston Globe and Miami Herald, and The Washington Post has fewer Maggie Habermans on its staff than the New York Times, but I cringed reading his Trump post-mortem with Der Spiegel, in which, after a previous Republican administration’s perfidy in rousing the American publicContinue reading “Objective political reporting ‘has failed’”