With comic book movies having reached a post-Nero stage of decadence, it’s instructive to return to hip-hop, in which Marvel tropes still adduce good/evil dichotomies while the MC’s croak that it’s all in the game. I’ve never warmed to MF DOOM’s: he seemed a GZA-esque smart guy whose internal rhymes demonstrated prolixity without ever coheringContinue reading

Christian Bale, James Wolcott reminds us, is not a human being, nor does he inspire to be one. For a time I thought this was a limitation; now I wonder if he was smarter than the rest of us, including other Hollywood youngbloods who don’t realize the future isn’t in middlebrow Oscar dramas, but genreContinue reading

The hosannas heaped on Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown by a couple of my favorite critics worry me a little. I don’t hear a note of the commitment, songcraft, and political acumen they seem to think runneth out of every pore. They hear maturity; I hear a band confident enough to embrace the garbled agitpropContinue reading

Andrew Sullivan isn’t known for temperance. This is a guy about whom it can truly be said that he’s all id. His passion, though, makes for one of the more enternaning recent Pet Shop Boys interviews I’ve read (as publicity for a not terribly good album, alas). Nice kicker too:  Chris Lowe: We once metContinue reading