Inept ‘Matthias & Maxime’ is the dreariest of gay melodramas

Two longtime chums, losing a drunken dare at a party, agree to kiss for the sake of a scene in a film directed by a mutual friend. The problem is, they’ve locked lips before as teenagers, kicking off a series of increasingly tense post-mortems until the happily-ever-after moment. Many no-name gay films available for streamingContinue reading “Inept ‘Matthias & Maxime’ is the dreariest of gay melodramas”

In search of a context: Sleater-Kinney, POLO G, Garbage, Rufus Wainwright

Sleater-Kinney – Path of Wellness What Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein think of fan response to Janet Weiss’ uncivil departure matters less than the murmuring from a fan base that based on my experience would’ve moved on–if it were any other band.

‘Republican House members do not care about trans kids’

They are ghouls: The Republican majority in the Florida Legislature on Wednesday unexpectedly rammed a ban on transgender athletes in women’s and girls’ sports through the legislative process amid an outcry from Democrats who called foul on the last-minute procedural moves used to get the issue passed in the final days of session. House andContinue reading “‘Republican House members do not care about trans kids’”

All-American self-hatred runs deep: Genesis Owusu and BROCKHAMPTON

Genesis Owusu – Smiling With No Teeth A Ghanaian who lives in Canberra and blasts To Pimp a Butterfly, Kofi Owusu-Ansah has dozens of other fly records abuzz in his head, and with debut Smiling With No Teeth he’s made all of them. Albums like this get praised for “density” and using “brittle funk,” andContinue reading “All-American self-hatred runs deep: Genesis Owusu and BROCKHAMPTON”

The GOP on transgender rights: ‘They’ve chosen a war they can actually win’

Republicans insist on home rule unless they think besieged minorities are getting uppity. Behold the Florida House: Florida’s House bill is similar to legislation passed in Idaho, which was quickly challenged in federal court and is now on hold after a judge ruled the state cannot ban transgender students from sports teams. Similar bans haveContinue reading “The GOP on transgender rights: ‘They’ve chosen a war they can actually win’”

From the annals of the fully vaccinated: Introversion vs. shyness

Loath as I am to treat this thing as a deadline or as if it set to a metronome, I became fully vaccinated at 12:01 a.m. this morning. The CDC’s guidelines kick in. Not much will change. I won’t freak out during rare moments when a jogger or another walker crosses my path in theContinue reading “From the annals of the fully vaccinated: Introversion vs. shyness”

The GOP hates queer people, pt. 32426

Behold what John Roberts and His Furious Five, particularly Samuel Alito, have wrought: legislation in Arkansas awaiting the governor’s signature which will allow health care providers to cite “religious liberty” as an excuse to deny treatment. Opponents have said types of health care that could be cut off include maintaining hormone treatments for transgender patientsContinue reading “The GOP hates queer people, pt. 32426”