It’s Biden (probably)

I have no idea to what degree Sanders’ not being a Democrat prevented him from taking advantage of what pollsters I know call “the mechanics.” He had enthusiasm but no one to drive people to polls. These numbers in Michigan show a decline from 2016. I’m embarrassed. This is not Joseph Biden’s fault — it’sContinue reading “It’s Biden (probably)”

Get ready for SuperTuesdaypalooza!

I voted today. Guess for whom. Nevertheless, I’ll vote for one of the decrepit, querulous late septuagenarians in November, don’t you worry. As Elizabeth Warren’s chances have diminished, so have my hopes. Whether she’ll fight this battle to the convention gates in a few months we’ll know soon, but a candidate as smart as sheContinue reading “Get ready for SuperTuesdaypalooza!”

On educational systems — Bernie Sanders and Fidel Castro’s

In the last few days I’ve watched South Florida Democrats, politicians and plebes, howl with despair over Senator Bernie Sanders’ defenses of the Cuban educational system on 60 Minutes. Here are the disavowals by my House representative and the rep in my neighboring district:

Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucus

Sobering: Sanders’s advantage in Nevada was overwhelming, with substantial leads in nearly every demographic group, allowing him to set down a marker in the first state with a significant share of nonwhite voters. Sanders expanded the electorate by attracting relatively large numbers of first-time caucus-goers, providing momentum as the race shifts into a critical stretchContinue reading “Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucus”

Reckoning with the rise of Bernie Sanders

Enamored with keeping the DEMS IN DISARRAY campfire lit and roaring, the Beltway press has rallied around Michael Bloomberg as story and debacle. But Bernie Sanders enjoys his best national poll numbers to date. And his numbers among POC under thirty-five remain impressive. Should he win the delegates and earn the nomination, I’ll support himContinue reading “Reckoning with the rise of Bernie Sanders”

After New Hampshire: the state of the race

To hang out on liberal-not-radical sites is to chug weekly from the lees of despair. These are the places where my preferred candidate Elizabeth Warren triumphs, and where she can never do wrong but be wronged. I’ve expended hundreds of words explaining why she would’ve been the Democratic Party’s best candidate, hence best president, butContinue reading “After New Hampshire: the state of the race”

‘Gender is not the stepchild of radical politics’

“Sanders’ progressivism does not keep him or his supporters from making the same kinds of problematic merit-based claims to presidential employment that white men in every other industry make,” Brittney Cooper writes. Further: Wanting a woman to rise to the top of an almost all-male pack is not a position that needs defending. What shouldContinue reading “‘Gender is not the stepchild of radical politics’”

Biden leading among black Americans over 35

While the news shocks no one, it’s worth pointing out: Former vice president Joe Biden is far and away the favored candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination among black Americans, boosted by his personal popularity, his service in the Obama administration and perceptions that he is best equipped to defeat President Trump, according to aContinue reading “Biden leading among black Americans over 35”