A beloved French children’s book hero & the perils of stepmotherhood among subjects covered at Miami Jewish Film Festival

The selection below adduces the diversity of Miami Film Festival 2023: the first good movie of 2023 and an animated adaptation of a classic French character.

Miami Jewish Film Festival 2023 returns to its full strength

Returning to full in-person screenings for the first time in three years, Miami Jewish Film Festival boasts a slate of 105 film premieres representing 25 countries. This event, the largest Jewish festival in the States, began its programming Thursday, January 13 and runs through Thursday, January 26. The selections, thanks to executive director Igor Shteyrenberg,Continue reading “Miami Jewish Film Festival 2023 returns to its full strength”

Miami Jewish Film Festival 2022 continues a bold tradition

One of the cool things about South Florida life in January besides the weather is the Miami Jewish Film Festival. With 108 feature and 40 short films representing 25 countries, the festival offers fare that adheres to no political line except exploring the subtleties of Jewish identity. The 25th edition starts today and will runContinue reading “Miami Jewish Film Festival 2022 continues a bold tradition”

Exploring British jazz scenes and gay blues: Miami Jewish Film Festival 2021

The curious have two days until the end of the Miami Jewish Film Festival. I wrote about two other screenings, one of which I had some involvement. The best part for the interested: you pay a donation of your choice instead of a flat admission fee to stream a movie.

Miami Jewish Film Festival 2020 boasts its usual diversity

With over a hundred films from twenty-five countries screening since Jan. 9, the Miami Jewish Film Festival celebrates its twenty-third year. For cineastes, MJFF presents almost two weeks of opportunities at the start of a new year. For film critics with second jobs, it’s a way to reactivate muscles dormant since the onslaught of end-of-yearContinue reading “Miami Jewish Film Festival 2020 boasts its usual diversity”