I want the principles of a timeless muse: The best of Lou Reed

I add not a letter to the obituary that The Quietus published almost four years ago. These days I’m kinder towards Transformer and listen to Ecstasy a couple times a year (listen to the widescreen canvas given to “Big Sky” by Hal Willner).

1. Satellite of Love
2. Our House
3. Vicious
4. Crazy Feeling
5. Waves of Fear
6. Betrayed
7. Sally Can’t Dance
8. Walk on the Wild Side
9. Endlessly Jealous
10. Street Hassle
11. Set the Twilight Reeling
12. Big Sky
13. Charley’s Girl
14. The Blue Mask
15. I Love You, Suzanne
16. Magic and Loss
17. Little Sister
18. Tell It to Your Heart
19. Doin’ The Things We Want To
20. Bottoming Out
21. Tatters
22. I’m So Free
23. Legendary Hearts
24. Paranoia Key of E
25. Coney Island Baby
26. Hookywooky
27. I Want to Boogie with You
28. Caroline Says II
29. There is No Time
30. Halloween Parade

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