The politics of Obamacare repeal

Good morning! We’ve got delicious developments on the GOP front to kill the old and sick. First, a study by the Economic Policy Institute concludes that repealing the Affordable Care Act will also kill more than a million jobs:

Generally, job losses due to cuts in Medicaid spending would be greatest in those expansion states. In non-expansion states, job losses from the ACA repeal stem more from the loss of federal premium tax credits.

Among working-age adults under age 65, some of the hardest-hit states would be Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington and West Virginia.

“These are not job losses that would send us back into a recession,” Bivens said, but they could potentially cut the rate of job creation by 50 percent.

“I think that would have a material effect,” Bivens said. “I think people would notice that. The economy would feel less tight. The labor market would feel less tight. It just wouldn’t feel like a place where people were super confident they’d be hired quickly if they lost their jobs. So, not a recession, but a noticeable slowdown.”

A similar study by The Commonwealth Fund and the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University estimated that 2.6 million people would lose their jobs in 2019 if funding for premium tax credits and the Medicaid expansion were halted. That could grow to nearly 3 million by 2021, according to the study.

It’s not as if the GOP stalwarts aren’t facing resistance. Many have had to cancel town hall meetings to avoid raucous citizens demanding answers. Tom McClintock of California is the latest baffled legislator:

Kim Mattoch, a mother of three and event planner, told TPM that she tried to go to a Saturday town hall in Roseville, California with GOP Rep. Tom McClintock but couldn’t make it in. The 200-seat theater hosting the event was quickly filled to capacity, leaving hundreds waiting outside.

“I’m a constituent of McClintock and a registered Republican in a very Republican district—though I don’t really align very well these days with the Republican Party,” Mattoch said in a Monday phone call. “So I wanted to go to the town hall because I legitimately had questions for the congressman.”

Mattoch said the protesters waiting outside had a wide range of “legitimate concerns.” She personally hoped to ask her representative about how the GOP was progressing on repealing and replacing the ACA and why House Republicans last week voted to kill a ruling aimed at preventing coal mining debris from ending up in waterways.

In 2009, party leaders bristled when Democrats and reporters suggested the RNC coordinated the turnout. I say so what? People still have to show up. But these people causing McClintock’s eyebrows to curl are, you guessed it, anarchists. Meanwhile the anarchists in the expensive suits who would destroy the American health care system are giving it to McClintock from the other side.

Keep up the pressure, friends.

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