Reject Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

To quote, Laurie Metcalf’s Susie Cox in JFK, that ties it up::

In an email in response to a request from The Washington Post, Bannon described Sessions as “the clearinghouse for policy and philosophy” in Trump’s administration, saying he and the senator are at the center of Trump’s “pro-America movement” and the global nationalist phenomenon.

“In America and Europe, working people are reasserting their right to control their own destinies,” Bannon wrote. “Jeff Sessions has been at the forefront of this movement for years, developing populist nation-state policies that are supported by the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans, but are poorly understood by cosmopolitan elites in the media that live in a handful of our larger cities.”

He continued: “Throughout the campaign, Sessions has been the fiercest, most dedicated, and most loyal promoter in Congress of Trump’s agenda, and has played a critical role as the clearinghouse for policy and philosophy to undergird the implementation of that agenda. What we are witnessing now is the birth of a new political order, and the more frantic a handful of media elites become, the more powerful that new political order becomes itself.”

While eating my Brussels sprouts this evening, I flipped to human cotton ball Bret Baier on FOX News’ 6:30 show, during which guests mourned how The Left, always capitalized, had “mischaracterized” Steve Bannon — why, he’s even been called an anti-Semite! Notice the incoherent twaddle served by Bannon in his statement to the WaPo. Minorities don’t comprise the “working people” in America and Europe to whom Bannon refers. He goes further: thanks to his semantic prestidigitation, “media elites” encompass any group whom the Trump administration considers an opponent. Yet Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is an honorable man.

More mainstream Republicans have been alarmed by Sessions’s ascent. John Weaver, a veteran GOP strategist who was a consultant on Sessions’s first Senate campaign and is now a Trump critic, said Sessions is at the pinnacle of power because he shares Trump’s “1940s view of fortress America.”

“That’s something you would find in an Allen Drury novel,” Weaver said.

In 2017, Advise & Consent looks like cuneiform.

Democrats can’t endorse him. Democrats have to vote NO.

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