Florida politics and the carceral state

In a classic example of heads-I-win tails-you-lose policy, the Florida legislature has decided that the plain language of Amendment 4, passed with overwhelming support last November, doesn’t mean what it says: Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, said that the upper chamber is scheduled Monday to consider a House bill that would prevent felons from votingContinue reading “Florida politics and the carceral state”

Remember bipartisan prison sentence reform?

Let’s stop laughing at the president for a moment. Here is what happens when Donald Trump appoints and empowers a person with a comprehension of how to work the government levels. We’re back to minimum maximum sentences, thanks to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. In an eight-paragraph memo to the nation’s prosecutors, Mr. Sessions returned toContinue reading “Remember bipartisan prison sentence reform?”

Our attorney general, ladies and gents

While this afternoon press secretary Sean Spicer reminded the audience that Jews in Germany exterminated by the Third Reich weren’t Germans, the attorney general drew an outline of an America that resembles Dresden after the firebombing. At a speech delivered in Nogales, Arizona, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III said in part: We mean criminal organizations thatContinue reading “Our attorney general, ladies and gents”

We’re in for it now #245

I haven’t responded to White House events as they’ve happened because human endurance has limits, but firing an acting attorney general days before a new attorney general takes command of the Department of Justice strikes me as a stupid mistake that will nevertheless please large portions of the president’s base, most of which thinks attorneysContinue reading “We’re in for it now #245”