Ranking #11 singles, UK edition: 1995-96

CJ Bolland, Wildchild, and 1300 Drums meant nothing to me before this rundown, but listening to them in the last twenty-four hours inspired mourning for what America didn’t get in top 15 dance tracks during the High Clinton era. Shit, I would’ve loved saturation play for Saint Etienne’s Europop stick-like-glue banger if it meant Deep Blue Something got denied a top ten Billboard berth.
A meeting of the airhead minds — Cave sounds like Nicolas Cage imitating Shane MacGowan on his good duet with Kylie Minogue.

If my readers want to hear what a blinkered generation thought was a Great Song, turn to Cher’s cover of Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis,” like hearing Ross Perot reciting the Reconstruction Amendments at the Petroleum Club. But for camp value I’ll take it over Mick Hucknall’s insistence on being treated as Otis Redding.

The Hague

Simply Red – We’re In This Together
Cher – Walking in Memphis


Space – Neighbourhood
The Stone Roses – Ten Storey Love Song
Madonna – One More Chance
Upside Down – Change Your Mind
Dodgy – If You’re Thinking of Me
Reef – Naked

Sound, Solid

The Artist – Betcha By Golly, Wow
N-Trance – Electronic Pleasure
1300 Drums – Ooh! Aah! Cantona!
Ash – Girl From Mars
Michelle Gayle – Happy Just To Be With You
Lighthouse Family – Ocean Drive
Alanis Morissette – Ironic
Shaggy ft. Grand Puba – Why You Treat Me So Bad
3T – 24/7

Good to Great

Orbital – The Box
Saint Etienne ft. Etienne Daho – He’s on the Phone
Montell Jordan – This is How We Do It
Whitney Houston – Exhale (Shoop)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane
Wildchild – Renegade Master
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ft. Kylie Minogue – Where The Wild Roses Grow
CJ Bolland – Sugar is Sweeter
Jinny – Keep Warm
Jeremy Healy & Amos – Stamp!

One thought on “Ranking #11 singles, UK edition: 1995-96

  1. Ugh. A cover of “Walking in Memphis”?

    My girlfriend and I were driving yesterday and passed by the Aladdin Theater, where Marc Cohn is playing an upcoming show. I recoiled at the thought, but she somehow (luckily) managed to avoid hearing “Walking in Memphis”, and she’s about the same age as me.

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