The best films of 2021 — the full list

A few comments about films that fell outside my top twenty….

I didn’t expect to prefer an eight-hour Beatles documentary, Wiseman-eque in its extravagance and obnoxious completeness, to Todd Haynes’ one about the Velvet Underground (and, like Frederick Wiseman, I suppose, Peter Jackson and Michael Lindsey-Hogg are fascinated by bureaucracies). For its first hour anyway Haynes is as adventurous and cool as his subject.

Enamored if not made rapt by the quixotic poses of his young hero, Paul Thomas Anderson fills Licorice Pizza to surfeit with bits of business and strong supporting performances; he turns Alana Haim, unfussy and crisp, into a person worthy of study.

The list:

1. Zola
2. Summer of Soul
3. The Souvenir Part II
4. Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy/Drive My Car
5. Titane
6. The Worst Person in the World
7. Memoria
8. Procession
9. Bergman Island
10. Shiva Baby
11. The Power of the Dog
12. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
13. Isaac
14. About Endlessness
15. Malmkrog
16. Pig
17. Parallel Mothers
18. The Beatles: Get Back
19. The Sparks Brothers
20. Benedetta
21. Quo Vadis, Aida?
22. Annette
23. Licorice Pizza
24. Prayers for the Stolen
25. The Velvet Underground

2 thoughts on “The best films of 2021 — the full list

  1. Great and varied list of films as always. Looking forward to delving into the list. I know Annette has divided opinion so will look forward to checking that out. It feels like 2021 was a vintage year for films.

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