The party of male white supremacy

“The animating impulse of Trump’s campaign — the beating heart of “Make America Great Again” — was a defense of traditional hierarchies,” Jamelle Bouie writes in today’s NYT, seventy-two hours after Bret Stephens wore garlic to protest millennial disgust for lazy thinkers like him.” Bouie:

The underlying dynamic is straightforward, explains Robert P. Jones, the chief executive of the Public Religion Research Institute, in his book “The End of White Christian America”: “Trump’s promise to restore a mythical past golden age — where factory jobs paid the bills and white Protestant churches were the dominant cultural hubs — powerfully tapped evangelical anxieties about an uncertain future.”

There’s no restoring that past. But with his nomination of conservative judges — and Mitch McConnell’s successful drive to confirm them in the Senate — Trump has given white evangelicals and their Republican representatives the opportunity to pass the laws and measures that reflect their ultra-traditionalist ideals.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, popular in talk show green rooms, was eminently reasonable on “Morning” Joe and “Mika”‘s booby hatch explaining why he would allow Donald Trump to avoid the subpoenaing of his henchmen. No one said the following to him:

Congressman Kinzinger, you look like a nice man and good father; you’re handsome and you’ll make an effective lobbyist in 2026. But I don’t want to work with you — I want to destroy your party. I want to destroy a party that’s grossed out enough by a woman’s sexuality to force a pregnancy and cares about government insofar as it keeps them employed or gives their jerk millionaire constituents a tax bonus. You shouldn’t even be allowed to address a Kiwanis Club.

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