Singles Jukebox – Amnesty Week

The last regular week of the year is also Amnesty Week, wherein our writers suggest ignored songs; but that fact alone doesn’t explain the number of songs I liked. Count’em: eight 7s, two of which would be easy 8s if I had to do it again. The first is a poignant Tim McGraw ballad, his finest single since 2011’s “The One That Got Away” and compensating for years of some of the most egregious pandering in popular music: sharply written and sung with poise, the harmonies by wife Faith Hill just right. The second, a solidarity anthem from Latin America stripped of sloganeering, in part because the solidarity Ana Tijoux delineates is sisterly too.

An exceptional Amnesty Week then, responsible for a few late breaking list inclusions like Haim’s “Don’t Save Me” (December 2012) and Natalie Imbruglia’s “Want” (December 2009). From Tink and Shura accommodating to a spare electronic ethos to Julia Holter barely embodying a standard and Elton John barely barely, period. But if you want an idea of the diversity of The Singles Jukebox, check out the week’s most controversial number “Chick Chick.” Let’s just say it does the title proud. See you on the other side, y’all.

Click on links for full reviews.

Tim McGraw ft. Faith Hill – Meanwhile Back At Mama’s (7)
Tink ft. Jeremih – Don’t Tell Nobody (7)
Deadmau5 ft. Colleen D’Agostino – Seeya (7)
Ana Tijoux ft. Shadia Mansour – Somos Sur (7)
Lydia Loveless – To Love Somebody (7)
Kitty – BRB (7)
La Nueva Rebelion – Me Hicieron Mas Fuerte (7)
TK from Ling Tosite Sigure – Unravel (7)
IU – Sogyeokdong (6)
Shura – Touch (6)
Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude (6)
Julia Holter – Don’t Make Me Over (5)
Thumpers – Unkinder (A Tougher Love) (4)
A Tribe Called Red – Burn Your Village to the Ground (3)
Bullet & Snowfox – The Heart (3)
Bright Light Bright Light ft. Elton John – I Wish We Were Leaving (3)
ZelooperZ – Plateau (3)
Wang Rong – Chick Chick (3)

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