Of geniuses, mandarins, and institutionalists

Patrick McGilligan – Young Orson Simon Callow, Clinton Heylin, David Thomson, and the Welles-approved Barbara Leaming have covered this ground, but what distinguishes this SS-20 of a tome is the attention on George Orson’s origins. Raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin by a pianist/actress mother and a dad whose early fortune as a bicycle lamp inventor hastened… More Of geniuses, mandarins, and institutionalists

Terrorism — a ‘brainless propaganda word’

The social media hills were alive with stories like this posted by liberals delighted by conservative reluctance to use their favorite taxonomy for the Oregonian arsonists. In a 1985 essay called “Wanton Acts of Usage,” Christopher Hitchens won’t deign to pretend “terrorism” exists as a concept, let alone a word. A sapient passage reminded me… More Terrorism — a ‘brainless propaganda word’

‘My nuclear nightmare, born of long and deep experience’

Here’s a cheerful way to ring out the old year. Former secretary of defense William Perry: A soft-spoken man not given to hyperbole, Perry is on a public crusade to persuade people that nothing less than the future of civilization is at stake. What worries him most is that few seem to notice. “Our chief… More ‘My nuclear nightmare, born of long and deep experience’

Profiles in courage

Today I learned that my congressional representative, a graduate of a local Jesuit prep school and five years my junior, was so spooked by ISIS that he surrendered, voting with his party and forty-seven craven Democrats. His statement is a masterpiece of weaselspeak: After last week’s horrific terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, it is… More Profiles in courage

‘I believe that you cannot destroy their ideology’

An MSNBC interview with Thomas Roberts and Janine Di Giovani: Roberts: When we talk about the country or the territory, they don’t have that. What they have is the territory that borders between Syria and Iraq. If that is stripped from them Janine, do they fall away? DiGiovani: Personally, I believe that you cannot destroy… More ‘I believe that you cannot destroy their ideology’

The origins of ISIS

It took a couple of hours but I found the article I read last spring about American complicity in creating ISIS. “The United States itself continued to send arms into Syria despite the certainty that some would end up in the hands of ISIS,” David Mizner wrote for Jacobin: The report concerns a period in… More The origins of ISIS

“It was carnage”

Chilling reports from Paris: Peace told CNN that he heard nothing from the shooters, just the screams of the crowd. However, another witness, who was at the Bataclan with his mother, told France Inter that he heard the assailants screaming “Allahu Akbar” while shooting inside the crowd. “It was carnage,” Marc Coupris, 57, told the… More “It was carnage”

About Ahmed Mohammed

Greenwald: There are all sorts of obvious, extreme harms that come from being a nation at permanent war. Your country ends up killing huge numbers of innocent people all over the world. Vast resources are drained away from individuals and programs of social good into the pockets of weapons manufacturers. Core freedoms are inexorably and… More About Ahmed Mohammed