This is why the GOP sticks by Trump

Buried in the Washington Post’s letter section is this reasonable little missive: I calculated the impact of the Republican Senate and House tax “reform” bills based on my 2016 income tax return and found that my wife’s and my tax liability would rise by 26 percent for 2017 over last year based on the eliminationContinue reading “This is why the GOP sticks by Trump”

‘We are not dealing with normal political opponents’

The Beltway media do themselves proud with Joe Biden stories. “Tragedy,” “Beau,” “grieving process,” and “noble” appear in stories like a gruesome salad on an unchanging lunch menu. As refreshing as it is for seniors to reminisce about Tip ‘n’ Ronnie knocking back Glenlivet after 6 p.m., this approach is dead in 2015. It wasn’tContinue reading “‘We are not dealing with normal political opponents’”

Socialism for the rich, Pt. #2426

Ronald Reagan tried this approach in 1982 and 1983. It’s how he maintained his reputation as a tax cutter. Because the state legislatures are where the true (counter)revolutions occur, it’s no surprise that it’s happening again: Conservatives are known for hating taxes but particularly hate income taxes, which they say have a greater dampening effectContinue reading “Socialism for the rich, Pt. #2426”