Singles 6/4

Whew! After almost three months of indolence, I compiled the singles I’ve reviewed at TSJ, taking advantage of what has been an unusually fallow period of new blurbs. Some of these singles I reviewed so many eons ago that I forgot how they went. “Kalyna” remains fresh, and the Ukrainian electro-folk and Eurovision  act’s hereContinue reading “Singles 6/4”

Singles 2/27

I give up. Squandering his real melodic gifts on passive aggressive twaddle, Ed Sheeran writes another contribution to his list of chart achievements, here joined by a Taylor Swift as self-involved as a medieval potentate. Give me the studied anonymity of “Make Me Feel Good” and Hatchie’s “Quicksand.” Click on links for full reviews.

Singles 2/13

I’ve played “Pushin P” more often than any song in 2022, according to my phone. Familiar, replete with a confidence that skeptics will call laziness, this tripartite pact between Gunna, Young Thug, and Future finds a hook they picked up on the street and introduces to a whiter/wider audience. A couple of the lesser lyricsContinue reading “Singles 2/13”

Singles 1/29

I bundled two weeks of songs, loving not many of them. Maren Morris sounded most convincing, hence herself, in collaboration with the Highwomen; “Circles Around This Town” is Going Circles in Songwriting. I prefer other tracks on The Weeknd’s latest installment of neon-bright signs illumining the scale of his obsession with Toto in 1982. AndContinue reading “Singles 1/29”