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Singles 7/26

This week, two discrete takes on Afrocentrism: Whitney Houston resurrected and repurposed, with a cover of Ray Charles devotee Steve Winwood’s Chaka Khan-assisted “Higher Love”; and Jamila Woods, worrying over James Baldwin’s legacy as the decade ends. Sheryl Crow and friends reckon with nothing except their sense of a besieged community of insiders.
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Singles 7/19

Struggling with a blurb that attempted to encompass “fuck yeah!” and disgust, I muddled my way through “Dynamic Duo.” I should’ve written what Jacob Sujin Kuppermann did: “Trapped on the precipice between never wanting to hear this again and wanting an extended cut and I think the latter is winning. Please send help.” Excuse or make your peace with its grossness and the way the rappers’ can-you-top-this vulgarity plays off the beat will spike your blood pressure.
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