Live blogging the Oscars 2021

11:16 p.m. Will Smith, after coming after Chris Rock, accepts Best Actor for King Richard, compares himself to the patriarch of the Williams clan defending his family. 11:10 p.m. I’m not a Cumberbatch fan at all — I don’t understand his attraction as an actor — but he’s the best performer in this category, theContinue reading “Live blogging the Oscars 2021”

Soto’s bold Oscar predictions 2021

Believe me, I’ve appreciated the glacial pace at which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has emboldened its tastes after fifteen years of Slumdog Millionaires, The King’s Speech, The Artist, and Argo (not that it was all The Magnificent Ambersons before 2008). But in a Best Picture category boasting a couple of myContinue reading “Soto’s bold Oscar predictions 2021”

Ranking Best Director nominees, 1980s

During the Respectable Eighties, the Academy nominated David Lynch twice, Louis Malle and Akira Kurosawa once apiece, and sneaked Martin Scorsese into the final lineup for The Last Temptation of Christ. Not bad, almost compensating for rewarding Alan Parker, writer-director of a film in which an FBI investigating the murders of black men in theContinue reading “Ranking Best Director nominees, 1980s”

Live blogging the Oscars 2020

11:06 p.m. “Please watch our film on a larger screen,” Frances McDormand advises audiences regarding Best Picture winner Nomadland — perhaps an oblique attempt to back away from criticism about Amazon’s conflicts of interest. 11:01 p.m. Hollywood needed COVID to perfect this mixture of cold calculation and sentimentality. “I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, my first film memoryContinue reading “Live blogging the Oscars 2020”

Live blogging the Oscars 2019

11:24 p.m. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. HISTORY 11:16 p.m. You know what’s embarrassing? Renee Zellweger wins her second Oscar, and, worse, the second Oscar puts her in the rare category of Supporting and Best Actress winners, but no one will remember either win. 11:06 p.m. So Olivia Colman appears to remind us how amusing she wasContinue reading “Live blogging the Oscars 2019”

Soto’s piping hot 2019 Oscar predictions!

Rare indeed is the Oscar ceremony in which two nominees for Best Picture look likely to survive in the files of the collective memory. Joker continues to impress men and women of all ages who, understandably, confuse histrionics, spectacle, and doleful cello noise with Serious Art, while the more people watch Parasite the louder itsContinue reading “Soto’s piping hot 2019 Oscar predictions!”

Ranking the major Oscar nominations, Pt 2

Yesterday I gave you rankings of the major Oscar nominations. Here I’ll finish with the major categories. Some films are better written than directed (Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood). Others show few shrewd directorial choices (1917). Another doesn’t look as if it were directed at all (guess). As always, click here for reviews on yourContinue reading “Ranking the major Oscar nominations, Pt 2”

Ranking the major Oscar nominations

Three days after the Oscar nominations announcement signaled the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ intention to award 1917 and Joker as many prizes as it could, I thought I’d come down to cases. I’ve watched every film nominated, with Harriet and Joker the only ones without reviews; I hope to redress this shortly.Continue reading “Ranking the major Oscar nominations”

Good luck, America: Oscar nominations 2020

Even I gasped in my otherwise empty apartment when five white actresses, including Scarlet Johanssen and her mystifying accent in Jojo Rabbit, beat Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, Park So-dam in Parasite, or Zhao Shuzhen in The Farewell to slots. In the category of Supporting Actor, as predicted, the Academy surrendered to the Slumming Stars. Worse,Continue reading “Good luck, America: Oscar nominations 2020”