“All populist movements lead to socialism”

A Romney rally in Hialeah: “He’s 100 percent better than I expected,” Pedro Peraza, 57, tells me. Peraza’s son, Michael, 27, adds that he would have taken back his Gingrich vote in the primaries had he known Romney would campaign this hard. The elder Peraza has also seen some tough times. He built a profitable… More “All populist movements lead to socialism”

At last

Good news. However, note John Cornyn’s qualification at the end of this excerpt: “We’re not mere supplicants to the executive branch, we are a coequal branch of government,” Cornyn said during discussion of his amendment in the Senate committee hearing last week. “So it is insufficient to say pretty please, Mr. President, pretty please, Mr.… More At last

Why the SCOTUS hearings have worked

For my part the hearings have been edifying. Apart from appreciating the thoughtfulness with which Sonia Sotomayor framed questions, wearying of Stephen Breyer’s singsong college professor intonations, and noting again John Roberts’ courtesy, I finally understand that health insurance and care are two different things. In this economy, you get healthcare through health insurance. That’s… More Why the SCOTUS hearings have worked

Liberal fantasies

David Frum’s latest mea culpa (he writes one every quarter, as if to remind his new audience that he’s a martyr, thank you very much) regarding how he and his power-obsessed droogs turned conservatism into a kind of necromancy is more honest than Jonathan Chait ruler-slapping the palms of liberals who merely remind each other… More Liberal fantasies


For the what-else-is-new file: the Obama administration curtails Miranda rights for suspected domestic terror suspects: New rules allow investigators to hold domestic-terror suspects longer than others without giving them a Miranda warning, significantly expanding exceptions to the instructions that have governed the handling of criminal suspects for more than four decades. The move is one… More *Sigh*

Game changing

A close friend who works as a low-level political appointee in a Cabinet office recommended Mark Halperin’s Game Change this weekend. “You’re on the [DC] Metro and you look around and I counted at least four different people reading it.” The jejune behavior of the McCain-Palin ticket, the nastiness of the Clintons, and the “coolness”… More Game changing

Oh dear.

We haven’t paid such a low percentage of our income in state and federal taxes since the days of Harry Truman, according to USA Today. Socialists like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are responsible. What will Barack Obama do?

On Easter eggs and boilerplate

Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama’s disgraceful, cliche-studded speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner last night: “His major achievement – the one thing he has actually done – is invite gay families to the Easter egg-roll.” And: “Now he’s pivoting away from his responsibility and the Democratic party’s responsibility and changing the subject to health… More On Easter eggs and boilerplate