A reminder: a political party needs defeating

It’s possible I have readers who remain devastated that federal marshals will not frogmarch Donald Trump and his children out of the White House. I had to talk a white male acquaintance off a Facebook ledge yesterday after he moaned that Donald Trump was good as re-elected. Put simply, I’m fucking tired of some friendsContinue reading “A reminder: a political party needs defeating”

Obamacare in danger again

Last night’s gleeful ruling from Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth, according to Ezra Klein, presents Democrats with, to use that most baleful of modern jargon, an opportunity. “But with Obamacare under constant threat, Republicans have refocused Democrats on building what they failed to build in 2010: a universal healthContinue reading “Obamacare in danger again”

‘Insurers are figuring out how to make money’

Green shoots spotted in the once fallow Obamacare field: There are promising signs across the country that Obamacare rate hikes for the 2019 enrollment season won’t approach the eye-popping increases of the past two years, though rates won’t be finalized until the fall. Enrollment reopens Nov. 1, days before the midterm elections. For example, oneContinue reading “‘Insurers are figuring out how to make money’”

The effect of repealing the individual mandate

A year ago I said to my friend Mari, “We’re in for it now” enough times that she wanted to kick my teeth in. It’s December 2017, and we’re in it: tax bill signed, GOP congressmen calling for investigations into Robert Mueller’s own investigation and Uranium One, GOP and Donald Trump sewn together so tightlyContinue reading “The effect of repealing the individual mandate”

This is why the GOP sticks by Trump

Buried in the Washington Post’s letter section is this reasonable little missive: I calculated the impact of the Republican Senate and House tax “reform” bills based on my 2016 income tax return and found that my wife’s and my tax liability would rise by 26 percent for 2017 over last year based on the eliminationContinue reading “This is why the GOP sticks by Trump”

Everything is awful

Since January I’ve recited Elizabeth Bishop’s line from “The Bight” as if it were a mantra: awful but cheerful. As the worst week of the year inches toward some kind of dignified close, reminders why we’re fucked. First, Puerto Rico, where a million people or more than eighty percent of the island remains without power.Continue reading “Everything is awful”

Gratuitous cruelty

And so it begins. This is how a presidential administration kills the sick and the poor: President Trump will scrap subsidies to health insurance companies that help pay out-of-pocket costs of low-income people, the White House said late Thursday. His plans were disclosed hours after the president ordered potentially sweeping changes in the nation’s insuranceContinue reading “Gratuitous cruelty”

‘Henry Kissinger does not want to pay 116 percent increase in his premiums’

In which the president shows his strategic genius again: President Trump pointed to the premium hikes a guest of his at the White House Tuesday was facing as his reason to “do something” about the Affordable Care Act — a move that may come in an executive order as soon as this week. Never mindContinue reading “‘Henry Kissinger does not want to pay 116 percent increase in his premiums’”

The sordidness of Graham-Cassidy

To quote All About Eve‘s Karen Richards, this beats the record for running, jumping, and standing gall: The Medicaid delay would potentially apply to Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana, based on their low-density populations. Those states would be allowed to opt out from the bill’s fixed payments if certain health spending conditionsContinue reading “The sordidness of Graham-Cassidy”

The return of the evil dead

From the Frankenstein Files: the shitty plan that strips poor people of health care is back, this time with Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina as co-sponsors. Starting in 2020, the Cassidy-Graham bill would eliminate both the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies and the enhanced federal funding that underwrites the expansion ofContinue reading “The return of the evil dead”

Meanwhile on the Medicaid front…

It’s mid August, which means the Congressional Budget Office has goodies to stuff in your beach bucket to accompany the plastic shovel, coconut oil, and shades: If Mr. Trump stops payment of the subsidies, the budget office said, insurers will increase premiums for midlevel “silver plans,” and the government will incur additional costs because, underContinue reading “Meanwhile on the Medicaid front…”

The power of an alarmed citizenry

“Yes, Mr. Soto?” the woman on the phone says, in the manner of a restaurant hostess acknowledging a demanding regular. She also sounds like one of my great aunts. Three mornings a week since late January I will call the Miami-Dade office of the Plankton with a Hairpiece, aka Marco Rubio, and lodge a protest.Continue reading “The power of an alarmed citizenry”