Stop rehabilitating George W. Bush.

For those who think MSNBC caters to leftists, I urge them to click on its site to watch yesterday’s programming. I expect bowing and scraping from former employees/enablers like Nicole Wallace, but from what I skimmed while packing my things yesterday was a litany of softly voiced, deranged endorsements of what George W. Bush saidContinue reading “Stop rehabilitating George W. Bush.”

The DC press as Mouths of Sauron

Watching Joe Biden’s address to the American public on Monday and the subsequent reaction, I realized that Two Americas encompassed every aspect of political life. The president, approval rating hit notwithstanding, had a suspicion about who would rend their garments about the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan. Paul Campos summarizes. I omitted the first point:Continue reading “The DC press as Mouths of Sauron”

The malignancy of George W. Bush

“A society that lets George W. Bush go anywhere without a shrieking Greek chorus to remind him of his body count isn’t good for much at all,” Sarah Jones writes. The wretched thing about the shrieking excrescence that rotted in the Oval Office between January 2017 and January 2020 is how living Republicans before BushContinue reading “The malignancy of George W. Bush”

Chris Matthews — RIP

Not really. But! “His main motivation has always been ensuring that Chris Matthews is on television and taken seriously. He represents, perhaps, in some small way, the intersection of the elite media and the progressive media — his debate freak-out combined the Beltway obsession with the ephemeral and stylistic with a sort of progressive tendencyContinue reading “Chris Matthews — RIP”

‘The Report’ builds more myths in its quest for truth

An audience exists for The Report: people who believe men and women of steel hearts and constitutional sonorities ringing in their heads can transcend party loyalties for the sake of preserving our republic. Scott Z. Burns, a screenwriter for co-producer Steven Soderbergh, brings moral zeal to his fictional film about Senate staffer Daniel Jones’ years-longContinue reading “‘The Report’ builds more myths in its quest for truth”

John Bolton, welcome back

In 2016, Donald Trump raised eyebrows for calling the Iraq War a mistake, causing Jeb! Bush to blubber. The replacement for H.R. McMaster supported the war well into 2011. This 2003 article reads like a bill of indictment: In recent months, Bolton has convinced 10 other nations — including France and Germany, which opposed theContinue reading “John Bolton, welcome back”

‘But above all, try something’

At the height of the budget impasse of 2011 I wondered why the hell Barack Obama sought the imprimatur of bipartisanship for policy decisions for which the Democrats would become unloved if not loathed during midterm and presidential elections. In boardrooms, classrooms, playgrounds, department stores, we appreciate conviction, however rudderless and bat shit. Dahlia LithwickContinue reading “‘But above all, try something’”

Political schadenfreude #1343

Sitting at his laptop after a meal of lamb ragout with pureed eggplant and béchamel sauce, Michael Gerson weeps for the damage wrought by Donald Trump on a noble party: Clinton has manifestly poor political skills, and Trump possesses a serious talent for the low blow. But Trump’s nomination would not be the temporary victoryContinue reading “Political schadenfreude #1343”

‘I can defend the invasion of Iraq’

Ryan Lizza’s essential story on the calamity of Jeb Bush’s foreign policy includes cameos by many members of the Legion of Doom: Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Porter Goss, Stephen Hadley. Another nasty piece of work, Otto Reich, makes an appearance. Reich, I’m sorry to say, is a Cuban American whose most notorious sting was asContinue reading “‘I can defend the invasion of Iraq’”