Ross Perot — R.I.P.

Goodbye, Weird Plutocrat Guy, one-third responsible for the first exciting presidential race of my lifetime. Empty the pockets of H. Ross Perot, called “H.” Ross Perot by Dave Barry, and the following aphorisms jingle like fresh dimes: If someone is blessed as I am is not willing to clean out the barn, who will? and:Continue reading “Ross Perot — R.I.P.”

Is free speech possible without job security?

When an English professor at California State University at Fresno tweets from a personal account while on leave that the late Barbara Bush was an “amazing racist” who raised a “war criminal,” there was no doubt that Fresno’s president would get embroiled in the latest salvo in the free speech wars. Despite the president’s remarks,Continue reading “Is free speech possible without job security?”

Barbara Bush — RIP

As readers know, I came of political age during the Poppy Bush years, and it was bizarre even then to watch handlers, insofar as the president gave a damn about them, try to turn them into Ron ‘n’ Nancy Part II. Her frizzy white hair and penchant for blue dresses suggested an amiable grandma type,Continue reading “Barbara Bush — RIP”

‘I love California; I practically grew up in Phoenix’

As we near the twenty-eighth anniversary of the 1988 convention, let us celebrate the two men we nominated for president and vice president. These are among their immortal utterances. Who said what? “I love California; I practically grew up in Phoenix.” “The Holocaust is an obscene period in our history…No, not our nation’s but inContinue reading “‘I love California; I practically grew up in Phoenix’”

“I love that guy”

Last month Hillary Clinton took deserved shit from Bernie Sanders and the liberal press for squeezing Henry Kissinger in a metaphorical bear hug. Now her former boss offers the sort of on the record remark suggesting that the love for the Metternich of Georgetown and his coterie was widespread in the White House and FoggyContinue reading ““I love that guy””